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How do you start a grow journal?

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  • How do you start a grow journal?

    Hey folks. I have a question about doing a grow journal. Like what's the process of doing on? Do we do it on our own and submit it to Nebula, or do we just start a topic in the middle of the forum and use that thread as the journal? Or is there a journal folder I'm not seeing or missing?

    Sorry, I seriously did not know where else to ask this question than in the main forum.....

    Oh and also, do you need to 100% know your shit and know how to grow success every time before being able post online? Sorry for the dumb questions.
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    Start a topic, that's it. People here are great, they'll pop in and give help if wanted etc.

    And no one know's their shit 100%, we're here to share, help, and learn. And maybe smoke a little too
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      You could also write it on paper, and then take the whole journal down on the Internet. It's a weird question I feel ^^ like previous reply, start a new topic, simply. Then once completed there's a section for those journals, go over there and read the sticky notes, you will know how to add your journal to that section.
      Inexperienced outdoor grower, near Switzerland. I have some theoretical knowledge and only a little bit of practice, hence take what I say with a grain of salt. Also I believe everyone has his own growing way.


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        hey growdc welcome ya just start a topic and go with it . Jeg is right I think most people are here to help and learn I get and give ideas . If two heads are better than one then 1000 must be better to lol, I always see new ideas things I will incorporate into my grow so all is good
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          Thank you GanjaGed, Minoo96, Jeg & oldjarhead100!! I just really wanted to check because you know all the other cannabis forums out there, they all seem to have like a "Grow Journal" section. And the only section I see here close to that is "Completed Grow Journals". So I either thought I was too new to have access or people did it outside the forums and then posted it later to the admins. But upon looking past a few pages I realized that some of the topics ARE IN FACT Grow Journals in progress.

          I get wary of posting too much or saying too much some times because I see the fighting and dissing going on in other forums, pretty much over nothing.... over stuff like "....professional grower or not, you're dumb" and really silly stuff like that. And you really want to get to the meat of the information but you have to wade through 50 pages of fighting first before someone says something of value and even that might be refuted, argued NOT a civil discussion......

          I've always thought online stuff like texting and e-mail is such a bad way to communicate because you don't see the person, and people "assume" they are being attacked and then they get defensive etc etc. But it's also the online stuff that thought me how to do my first grow. Double edged sword I guess.......

          I'm glad this forum, though not as big, doesn't have all that bullshit going on. I guess Nebula & Sirius are more involved in the moderation. That great. But yeah, I know Minoo96, it was a weird question, but I better be safe than sorry.

          Again, thanks guys!!


          • Minoo96
            Minoo96 commented
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            Weird as in, it's so peaceful here... Post what you like. People may not reply, but I haven't seen anyone insulting others either. Everyone has their own style of growing, so everyone is respect full just don't over think about it, it's a community to speak freely, peacefully.

          • growdc
            growdc commented
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            Ah!!!! Gotcha!! Yes, it's very weird in a good way here. Looks like there aren't too many NICE & POLITE awesome growers out there. The little we have are here, and the rest fighting on other forums. LOL

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          U may no know this yeat but u have fallen in with a good bunch of criminals,lots of experance here,people are friendly and try to help and support your grow. Welcome to the show and have a good grow. Lol


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            Thank you so much folks. I used to try and germinate 1 damn seed at a time, cuz I don't have space and I'm like "What if they all germinate?" But so far that has NEVER HAPPENED LOL. I have 12 purple kush regulars soaking in water now. Tonight I'll put them in rapid rooters. Follow your advice. Keep it simple. Try my best to ignore it. Don't let the dome be completely fogged up you can't see anything........ sounds like a plan stan?


            • Minoo96
              Minoo96 commented
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              Oh yeah. Place and forget is a good solution actually. I think if you plan on growing 5 plants, you should take the space for 10, be ready for 10 (exaggerated) and germinate 10 seeds. If only 8 or 5 of whatever sprout you are ready to take care of it. If you germinate 5 seeds only and 3 sprout, the next batch of seed might be a bit late compared to the first. It's a preference.
              I keep seeds in water 12-18 hours, glass of water, (no tap water). Then if it's cracked and germinating direct in germination mix (low nutrients and airy), if not then in paper towel that's wet, between two plates. Last 4 seeds was a failure though... Upset. Now time to sprout has passed.

            • Vapo69
              Vapo69 commented
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              I use jiffy pellets most of the time growdc , when I put the seed into the moist jiffy pellet, I usually construct something out of green wire to keep the pellet stood up but I don't stand them in water dude, I just keep a close eye on and water with a pipette when needed, maybe it's cause they are in standing water?........hope this helps😁😁

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            A brief note on journal ( thanks Jeg but I'm a beginner too )
            i run the journal thread but also copy / paste my content to Word doc so that I have a PDF of the journal with just the information , photos, etc. and then submit that to Nebula.
            Any journal just start writing it is GREAT for the forum and a record for yourself of what you did'd be surprised at what gets lost in the opinion of your memory
            you can look at the other journals to get an idea of format ( info kind of necessary) and just start!
            lookingforward to subbing on your journal.
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            photoperiod feminized seeds


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              Ok, you all will now probably think I'm crazy..... probably am. LOL.

              .........But I kinda wrote a computer program or more like customized a software that I use at work to do my daily plant logging. So, it's like a list of plants. Then you click on 1 plant, then a windows pop up with all the information about that plant, like name, started from seed or clone, auto or feminized or regular, date planted, date rooted or germinated, genetic information, sativa/indica, final harvest weight, a description, like where I got it and how much I paid for it.

              And in that plant page, it has a list of daily logs and activities, and my current grow, Cinderella 99, though it's now in mid flower, I do have a daily log of temperature of my apartment, outside temperature, temperature inside the tent and humidity inside the tent taken at time of reading. Then also in the log, what nutrients I added, how much, final ppm of solution, pH of solution, amount made, amount watered fed, runoff volume, runoff ppm, run off ph, dilution ratios, even down to a rough estimate of ppm's for each element, like 100 ppm's of Nitrogen, 20 of Phosphorus etc...... according to what all is mixed into the solution. The only thing i can't measure are anything I don't have an instrument to measure with. Then a daily picture attached to each of these logs, sometimes 2 or 3 pictures.

              Yeah.... a little anal don't you think? All so that I can harvest the plant to chill myself the fuck down!!! LOL.

              Haven't found the need to use it yet...... as since this is my 2nd grow and I didn't journal anything about my first DWC.

              So, technically, I could do what Tikka said and export everything out and create a journal in Word or something......

              Do I dare indulge you all with some pictures of my insanity? Meh, why not.

              So, if I'm even close to what I acheived for my first DWC grow, it's not that I'm talented or lucky or smart or whatever, just plain old anal retentive!!!! Funny..... I grow something to yield its harvest to destress me but to grow it, I stressed the shit out of myself. Go figure!!!


              • Tika
                Tika commented
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                I vote that you are OCD Anal
                Does that incredible formatting allow me to scroll in your comment if you had much to say-when you post it-is it interactive?
                Welcome to the hood-what ever floats your boat so you can row upstream with the rest of this forum!

              • growdc
                growdc commented
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                Yep, @Tikka, It's pretty cool.... it's interactive in the sense like if you clicked on New Feed, a window pops up, and you start picking from a list of nutes. And as you add the nutes, it recalculates the new ppm based on how much you are making. but it doesn't talk to you or anything.

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