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  • THC Detection

    Got a question on THC detection in urine. Is it the same taking the oil as smoking in the length of time that it takes for it not to be detected? Thanks for any answer.

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    It is determined by the sugar/ fat content of your body and the Frequency you intake thc


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      I tested positive for months after some legal problems several years ago. Depends of frequency and amount smoked in addition to how hydrated you are when tested.
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        Yup it depends on how much you smoke but i dont think there is a difference between smokeing eatting or vapping the oil once thc is in your body its hard to tell took me 8 months to piss clean last time i was on probation shit was horrible
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        • alltatup
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          I had a student on probation a few years back, and it was hell for her. F___in' medieval laws...

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        Thanks for the info,am looking forward to a urine test coming up,lucky maybe its in Nov,I did pass 1 about 8 months ago and flushed with sure jell a day or to before and took vitamin B-12 to help with the color.It helped me then but you never know the next time. Thanks again


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          So here's what I do to pass...
          drink a lot of water the sooner you know when the drug test will be the better
          and drink pickle juice..
          if they ask why it's clear say you generally just drink water or your on a diet lol although they may look at you like your guilty it's not a crime to drink water
          if they tell you to stop drinking water and drink soda or whatever tell them that is a crime.. can't force someone to drink unhealthy liquids


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          Be serpriced I've never failed one and just drank the pickle juice some of the times.. I generally never had a question asked though so..


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            Pickle juice don't work where I go , maybe 40 years ago it did ,but now that I remember it didn't work back then either.


            • Daskahn
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              I'm not a heavy smoker and I do drink a lot of water too.. and pickle juice is mainly vinegar which helps with hair and other health things.. and I was always told the healthier you are the quicker you pass it through.
              Although I'm guessing your talking about heavy smokers which pickle juice alone wouldn't help..
              friend willing to pee for you who doesn't smoke and isn't pregnant would work

              A friend willing to pee in something for you maybe a condom

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            I would buy something like "go number 1" or "whizzenator". Its synthetic urine sold online or in head shops. It's the only sure way to beat a urinalysis. Hope that is some help.
            Cheers Californiakid
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              Someone you know that is clean an using their urine is the only way to pass unless you can pay whoever you are giving your sample to keep their mouths shut.


              • PRIMO
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                Then they call with the results, & tell you you're pregnant

              • Aloner
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                ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

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              This is my sure fire way to pass a piss test. it got me into the army and every job in the USA that I had to piss for.

              go buy a pint of white vinegar drink it fast it's going to be fuckin nast.
              Drink lots of water enough to make u piss in the next 10 min.
              Piss once to get the shit out of your system.
              Drink more water the next time u piss it's that 1 u want.
              take from the middle of your stream never the start or the end.

              It works for me every time. But is hard not to puke.
              It's 4:19 u got a minute?

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                Thanks for all the infor I am sure they will help.Just remember Don't bogart that joint my friend.


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                  I drink a drink of applecider vinegar and honey everyday and wonder if I increase the vinegar in it will help in that. I am leaning toward asking my wife if she would help. This is just for a checkup of blood and urine for health reasons but you can never tell what else they might look for.


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                    Most doctors don't care if you smoke or not.. only like Medicaid I think does.. but if it's just a general check up a non Medicaid/Medicare doctors won't check for that


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                      My situation is that it is for the Veteran Administration


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