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Need help with how to use sledge hammer and microbe brew in flush

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    Need help with how to use sledge hammer and microbe brew in flush

    ok so fox farm schedual has 2 flushes on it for salt build ups an what not also my buddy used to grow an also told me that its good to flush it once in a while. But question is 1 gal pot so 3 gals of ph water and do u want to use sledgehammer in all 3 gallons of flush water or your last gallon do u want to ise the microbe brew? Another thing im not sure on when flushing is its pretty mich going to overwater your plant right ? Is there any way to help dry out the soil faster ?

    hey AZ never used those products but have used others, I flush with flora clean first then with phed water . I check PH going in and out when the ph coming out is in the range you want then the next water can have nutes in it I don't know what will stay and what will wash out . It has been my experience that after flushing they will use most of the water in the normal amount of time . My plants are on a 3 day watering schedule so I flushed and they took 4 days to need more . I use a cheep water meter under 15 bucks it takes the guess work out
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      3 gallons for a 1 gallon pot seems a bit much to me for a flush. What medium are growing in, coco coir?
      I don't flush until my final week. In that final week, I flush 2-3 times. I add a little Sledgehammer but only to the first flush (only 2ml/gallon I think).
      Typically I flush a 3 gallon pot of coco coir mix with about 1 gallon of plain Ph'd water.

      There's lively debate about plain watering during the growth cycles. My current personal view is that I only water/flush plain water during growth cycles if I'm trying to address a problem.
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        As Brit says about the sledgehammer first. But I use a little more PHed water about like you said .3 to 1 pot size
        Cfls for a week or two
        315lec for everything else
        Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
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          Thanks for the replies guys really appreciated. I do have one of those moisture meters but what never makes sense to me is alot pf people say wait till about 1-1/12 of top soil is dry to water but when its dry the meter is telling me its very wet down by the roots. And im useing soil ff happy frog mixed with ocean forest perlite and vermiculite mix. Yea i only did 2 gallons cause 3 seemed a little heavy to me i dis the microbe brew in the last gallon but didnt put any nutes in. Should i have ? Is that what u should do cause i guess essentialy your washing away all the nutes along with salt buildups. Lol honestly my minds not on the flush anymore my blue widow and my outdoor blue cheese are getting brown spots on the leaves so now its to to do some research an see what i can find. Like i said greatly appreciated on the feedback. Ive actually manage to stay clean off herion ever since i started my grow its what ive always loved but couldnt do it and keeps my mind busy and away from those thoughts so thanks wveryone!!!!!


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