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    Sugar Leaves

    I'm taking a quick poll, do you trim off the sugar leaves or not. I personally do not trim the sugar leaves just leave them on the buds.

    I only pull off the largest sugar leaves to keep the buds from drying too quickly, I live in a dry climate and it only takes around three days for the buds to dry with the leaves removed.
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      Cut 'em close - scissor hash is good - but bubblehash is much better. Take all those fresh sugar leaves, and the mature leaves you have just cut off, and freeze them.
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        I took the sugar leaves and just made Dry Ice Hash for the first time. Love it!


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          The DIH is my favorite way to deal with the harshness of good trim. So many ways to use it, smoke or vape it, add it to bud, or, my favorite, bake it and use it as a 'tea'.

        I trim the sugar leaves and make dry ice hash as well: LOVE IT!!! I personally prefer a closely-trimmed bud and a smoother smoke. Then I sprinkle the hash into the ground weed and it goes right in the cone!! Yummy!!!
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