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3 problems: broad mites, germination/propagation and stunted growth (? possibly).

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    3 problems: broad mites, germination/propagation and stunted growth (? possibly).

    Hi all,
    As the title say I've got three problems/questions,
    1) Broad mites on a seedling (growing its second pair of leaf only and one of them is twisted, also noticed the edges of the leafs pointing up, in a weird way.)
    2) Out of 8 seeds, 2 didn't sprout, 1 is looking really F* up. (considering the price, bought from trusted seed banks, I'd wager I did something wrong and I'd like to understand)
    3) My first auto-flower is on her 23rd day, and is looking very small. I wonder if its normal, or if I did something wrong.

    I grow outdoor, in a makeshift greenhouse, already amended the soil, germinated my seedlings inside and let them sit in the greenhouse during the day, til end of April frost is to be expected so I cannot plant them til then. Didn't expect this, germinated them somewhat a bit early, so had to swap pots for three of them. This is my first time grow. I've read carefully every single piece I could find online, now mostly rehashing information I already read.

    Thank you for your help in advance!

    1) Broad mites??
    Click image for larger version

Name:	DAY11RAK1.jpg
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ID:	81724
    So as I said, I believe these symptoms are broad mites, but I do not have any magnifying glass of any sort yet to make sure -ordered a phone "clip-on" microscope, thought i'd try it, if it works take pictures of trichomes. Will arrive in a month only- The leaf edges are really curled up, maybe we cannot see properly on the picture. It makes me think of pimple, a bit gross I admit. Since its a seedling, I guess the "plastic" effect is not yet shown, infestation is still low. (remember this is my first grow, and I'm guessing most of these from information I read) What do you think?
    I also noticed on this one and other plants small tiny web, from the cotyledon to a leaf, like a spider passed on it. That's also something that makes me think of broad mites, or spider mites, but this is the only plant to display such symptoms. I've quarantined it (washing my hands after touching its pot should be enough? and also not in the same room, obviously. Trying to avoid any contact between the cats and the plants also)
    Today I went to a big gardening center -if i cannot find what I seek there, I will not find it anywhere else (easily)- bought three different type of defense/attack vs mites: colza/rapeseed oil (couldnt find neem oil), oil made from vaseline (suffocating the insects, I could post more detail on the exact composition if needed, something that ends in "im"), and finally powder of diatom (supposed to attack the insect but not harm the plants or the cats). Is this good enough?
    Can I treat the seedling with this?
    Should i treat the others "just in case"
    -because I saw web-?

    2) Germination/propagation problem
    Click image for larger version

Name:	DAY11BK3.jpg
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    That's a feminised seed, should I throw it? 2 seeds out of 8 didn't sprout, and this one look very weak. I believe I kept them too close to the heater. Also their soil mix was never drying (humid and hot, perfect for fungus I reckon!) So I came to believe these three were afflicted of some kind of rot. (Weirdly, two other seed did very well on the heater, leading me to think these two seeds love hot conditions, compared to the others who did poorly). (9 seeds = approx. 50 bucks, you can understand why 2 seeds out of 8 is worrying. Especially considering the stunted growth of the other and the mites on another one)
    I've already decided to replace this stunted seedling, its replacement is germinating right now. I was thinking of keeping it in a pot, instead of planting it. But maybe its not worth the trouble, what do you think?

    3) Stunted growth or normal?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	DAY23RB1.jpg
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ID:	81726
    Is this size normal for an auto-flower at 23 days of life? If not, is it because it doesn't have enough sun?
    Also, notice the light color of the "backbone" of the leafs. Its not very visible on the picture, but it worries me a little. As if it needed nitrogen, (I dont think so though) or that it was root cramped -it is not-. Young leafs are lighter in colour, I know and expected it. But it seems the second pair (the one pointing north and south on the pic) gradually become more white. Its only the "backbone" -im not sure how to call that?- that's touched. In between, it stays green. Is it normal, or something else I have no clue about?

    Once again thank you for the help, I don't expect a huge chapter as a reply, I wrote so much only because I needed to explain the problems. (First grower, pardon me, getting hyped about everything, even though i was warned not to "over analyze" )
    Inexperienced outdoor grower, near Switzerland. I have some theoretical knowledge and only a little bit of practice, hence take what I say with a grain of salt. Also I believe everyone has his own growing way.

    Hey there, sounds like it might be too cold for anything to grow normal yet. What's your day and night temps, how many hrs of sun or natural light a day you get? Which hemisphere you live? Autos need full optimal conditions soon as they germinate, they don't have time to wait for nice weather...good luck!
    x1 LED Cirrus T5 500w, x3 Sun System LEC315, x1 Nanolux LEC315, Saturn 5 controller, x4 6" can vents, 8800 btu A/C, 70 pint dehumidifier


      Hi, its very cold at night, its a special thing, I'm not sure how to call it. During the month of May usually there's one or two week where frost may come. This year it seems its early (I learnt about those frost only yesterday...). Had a superb weather, with 26 C afternoon and some 10 C at night... And suddenly, 12C during the afternoon and -2C tonight!! On the 30th april or so night become more viable, with minimals around 6C. (the next day, 7. Next after that 8.)
      That's how I'll learn By making the mistake... it seemed fine, summer was coming, but I was wrong.
      I live in northern hemisphere, around Switzerland. Right now we get some 14 hours of sunlight per day.
      I have one more seed of auto, was planning on trying to germinate it mid may, when i'm 100% sure to get best sun.
      For now I have to buy my green, its of very bad quality, very costly... I was in a hurry to harvest, which is why I planted this auto asap. I should have waited to germinate the other autos though!
      In total 4 auto and 4 feminised.
      I move the plants in and out of the house every morning and every night. They do not get the early morning sun though, as it is coldest at around those times (6/7 in the morning) and i'm still fast asleep!
      Inexperienced outdoor grower, near Switzerland. I have some theoretical knowledge and only a little bit of practice, hence take what I say with a grain of salt. Also I believe everyone has his own growing way.


      • LuckyAcres
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        I'm from around here too, France originally, USA now. Funny how Celsius doesn't mean much to me anymore!!! Been here too growing my first auto now and I'm keeping it under t5 fluo for now hoping to either move it outside when flower starts or find a spot in my flowering room...

      • Minoo96
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        And I cannot bring myself to understand Fahrenheit lol, after spending 12 years in India. (They use British measurements mainly)
        Vivement la légalisation ici. Je sais pas où tu es, mais si c'est légale pour toi, ça doit être l'éclate total...

      • LuckyAcres
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        Jsuis dans l'Oregon, en haut à gauche sur la carte! Toulonnais d'origine. Complètement et totalement légal en effet et éclate totale en effet aussi!!!! Les Fahrenheit me font bien caguer aussi j'avoue!!!

      If you saw webs they all have spider mites azamax works good make sure you get under the leaves . olo dowa namahi kyaaa.Good to meet you in Abnakie just thought I would say something you dont understand either hahaha
      new grow room built summer of 2017 ,argo max tent for veging ,big kahuna reflector, 1000hps with added leds for the full spectrum . 15th indoor grow ,5 years outside gorilla grows(stealth is the key),veg under t5s growing autos under 300w leds
      current grow


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        Couldn't help it, I don't get to speak my native language often😀

      • oldjarhead100
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        I have a very strange since of humor speaking your native tongue is something we all should do more often my wife speaks French (I know how to say yes)see theirs that humor again. being able to speak it in this forum must of been a real treat . AH Ho means well said

      Hi Oldjarhead100,
      For now the webs have disappeared... The ones I noticed webs are doing very fine. No bite mark etc... I'm thinking they came and went. (or maybe a normal spider came by, leaving those webs, although i noticed them over the course of few days...)
      Knowing this, i'll avoid treating them for now. The one which is looking weird, I keep her outside near garden plants. Hoping nature will take its course and the mite leave/get eaten. If not will spray what I bought. I'm trying to avoid spraying yet cause they are still somewhat tenderling, especially the one which looks F up.
      I try to get as much yield and quality while using nature do its work. Love the idea of setting mite-eating mites loose for instance. Organic of course, but a bit deeper than that. Only if the plants look like they will not get better should I start panicking... I know its not the best way, I knows its not the way of many growers. But I have to make my own experience.
      Thanks for your input though ^^ I'm not sure I can get Azamax, I went to the biggest shop I could and bought what I could find... Couldn't even find neem oil.
      It's good to meet you too

      Little update, the one which look properly stunted -only two tiny cotyledons, stuck to each other, on the photo of problem 2- its cotyledons just started to spread apart. I've got three plants i'm "satisfied" with, 1 auto and 2 fem, they are doing great so far!
      Maybe I should make it clearer...
      2 Feminized Bubble Kush
      2 Feminized Special Kush
      2 Auto Royal A.K automatic
      2 Auto Royal Bluematic.

      1 bubble kush didn't sprout, the other is the second picture I uploaded (cotyledons stuck)
      2 special Kush sprouted and grow very nicely, i'm really happy with them for now.
      1 Royal AK didn't sprout, 1 have mites (the first picture i uploaded)
      1 Bluematic is 20 days old, compared to the other plants who are 10 days old, planted early for earliest harvest possible.)

      To replace the one that didn't sprout, or the one bubble kush that's F up, decided to also germinate Medical Mass, and another bubble kush.
      I mainly smoke because of insomnia for the night and stress/anxiety during the day. (actually insomnia is because of stress.)
      Spent few days researching which available plant fitted me better, one strain for night, heavy hitter, and another for the day but definitely stress reducer. Came to conclusion for the day a medical indica would be nice (let me do my work, but calms me down)? and for the night, in front of movie, before sleeping, the strongest Indica/couch lock hitter i can get my hands on.
      Last edited by Minoo96; 04-20-2017, 03:40 PM.
      Inexperienced outdoor grower, near Switzerland. I have some theoretical knowledge and only a little bit of practice, hence take what I say with a grain of salt. Also I believe everyone has his own growing way.


        So here's a follow up on the problems.
        1) the plant seems to slowly recover, although today I noticed a red patch near the center, that's very weird. As if she was damaged by frost?
        Click image for larger version

Name:	20170422_121520.jpg
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Size:	3.51 MB
ID:	82941

        2) the little thing gave me a fright, but it seems to stay alive. Let it dry, started withering, watered it, next day was fine and even better, she decided to kill on of her cotyledons, allowing sun to reach the inside of the plant:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	20170422_121541.jpg
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Size:	4.16 MB
ID:	82942

        And the last, the auto started picking up a steady pace. She was transplanted recently to a bigger pot, seems she took it well. Everyday there's noticeable growth, but it doesn't feel like what an auto should grow. Most probably cause of the shitty weather we get here. (past two days were sunny, that's a good thing, also allowed me to keep them in the veranda at night, protected from frost but getting the first and last lights of the day).
        Here's a picture of this auto:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	20170420_210017.jpg
Views:	47
Size:	3.90 MB
ID:	82943
        The leaves are droopy cause it's night. Not because of overwatering. (right now she has straight leafs )
        So shes on day 24 since I put the seed in the paper towel (did this technique first, but now I soak them 24h in water and plant them in the soil mix bought at the store) but only on day 17 since she sprouted (took about a week to sprout and open cotyledons). Which measurement should I take, day 24 or day 17? Looking at her id say day 17, if she's really at day 24, she very very small, isn't it?
        Inexperienced outdoor grower, near Switzerland. I have some theoretical knowledge and only a little bit of practice, hence take what I say with a grain of salt. Also I believe everyone has his own growing way.


          If she makes you a tiny bud, it will be sweet.
          Nothing is foolproof for the sufficiently talented fool.


          • Minoo96
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            We are talking about the last picture, of course?

          • DingusKhan
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            I was trying to be encouraging.

          • Minoo96
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            Oh sorry mate I didn't understood ^^ yeah I hope everything will be fine, it should, after the amount of work. It'll be sweet!

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