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How to sync lighting for plants and clones

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  • How to sync lighting for plants and clones

    I'm a first-time grower, but determined to do it as well as I can. Of course I've already made a bunch of mistakes, but I have FIMed and LST'd the hell out of my plants, and I've done some judicious defoliation, and they look great. I've just changed them over to 12-12 after about two months in veg. My question is, I only have a one-chamber grow tent, so when I take clones, they can only stay in the main tent for a little while before I need to switch the mature plants to 12-12. What do I do with the clones then? I can't put them outside, and I can't take my lamps away from my mature girls while they flower. How should the cutting of clones be timed?

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    Well your clones will need some sort of light source not on 12-12.
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      This is y peps have a veg and flower tent.My .02 cents


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