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How to sync lighting for plants and clones

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    How to sync lighting for plants and clones

    I'm a first-time grower, but determined to do it as well as I can. Of course I've already made a bunch of mistakes, but I have FIMed and LST'd the hell out of my plants, and I've done some judicious defoliation, and they look great. I've just changed them over to 12-12 after about two months in veg. My question is, I only have a one-chamber grow tent, so when I take clones, they can only stay in the main tent for a little while before I need to switch the mature plants to 12-12. What do I do with the clones then? I can't put them outside, and I can't take my lamps away from my mature girls while they flower. How should the cutting of clones be timed?

    Well your clones will need some sort of light source not on 12-12.
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      This is y peps have a veg and flower tent.My .02 cents


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