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14 days after harvest cleaned and scaled.

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    14 days after harvest cleaned and scaled.

    Hey everybody and happy growing. Well today is the 14th day after my very first harvest. I cleaned and remove all fodder around buds after drying and before curing. The final scaled weight of this grow is 155.3 grams or about 5.5 ounces. I'm pleased with the effects of first smoke but I'm going to continue curing for at least a month. It's going to be well worth the wait I think. I was wondering is this a very small yield for a first grow. It's seems to be a lot for my personal use, more then I've ever had really.

    Indoor Grow Tent size: 24”w x 48”l x 60”t

    DWC/ 3” net baskets/ hydron clay pellets
    400w iPower MH/HPS digital grow light
    GH Flora Trio, Calimag, Hydroguard
    Indica: Diablo hybrid strain, photoperiod feminized seeds

    Congrats, bumper!!! I'd say 5.5 oz is a very good result for a first grow. And it depends on the size of your grow space, how many plants, etc., but that should keep you going until your next harvest, right? ;-}
    Anyone can grow mid grade weed easy. If you want to grow top shelf bud, study hard.

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    2 BCNL Roommate hydro boxes w/ 400w COB LEDs, Future Harvest nutes

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      Not bad at all, enjoy the fruits of your labor!
      Team AutoMechanics


        Congrats, enjoy


          Definitely worth the wait I'd say that's a great first grow! My first indoor grow only got me 2oz, but I did use T5 lights the whole grow before I became educated way back when
          Fast Buds GSC & Green Crack Auto's

          4x4x6 - 7-gal Smart Pots - Coco/Perlite - 4 300w LED's - Flora Trio + CalMag

          Bloom: 4x4x6 - 7-gal Smart Pots - Coco/Perlite - 4 300w LEDs - Flora Trio + CalMag & Superbloom

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            when I saw cleaned & scaled I immediately thought of fishing lol
            Completed auto grows 3

            2x4 Gorilla tent
            600W HPS
            GH Flora Series trio + Armor Si, CALiMAGic, RapidStart, Liquid KoolBloom, Floralicious Plus, FloraKleen, Diamond Nectar, FloraBlend, FloraNectar (Pineapple Rush version), Dry Koolbloom + Great White mycorrhizae & Terpinator

            Grows using this setup: 1
            Largest yield from this setup: 20oz / 567g

            Previous grows:


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              Similar, only the smell is different!

            • StoneyTony
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              Far better I'd say

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              I'll smoke to that!

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