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My Current Grow - Week 5 Flowering

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  • My Current Grow - Week 5 Flowering

    Fallen Angel - Grand Canyon - Fast Berry - Auto Jack

    Vortex Lady Bug Living Soil in 4 gallon pots pH 6.1-7.0 (this soil buffers back to 7 very quickly)
    Medina- Microbes, Cultures, enzymes & activator
    Medina- hasta Gro 6-12-6 ​​
    Natures Nectar 0-0-5
    Natural Solutions - Seaweed & molasses
    General Organics Go Box (to many to list)

    x2 300w Maxsisun Dimmable LED
    x4 54w Power Grow Morsen LED

    4X4X7 Grow Tent - 70º-77º fahrenheit & 40-60 RH

    Lots of Love ♡

    Well it's been a smooth grow so far, my only issue was accidentally planting photoperiods with my autos. So I've been on a 12/12 for flowering and the autos don't mind at all. These buds are nice and dense and all have their own beautiful aromas like skunk, sweet, pine, & one I can't quite put my finger on.

    I wanted to have a variety for this grow and so far the Auto Jack is winning by far and I have 2 more Autojacks & 2 Auto Diesel x Auto Ak47 in my veg room ready to flip. And I have 4 more that are germinating now.

    I plan to harvest every 30 days on this schedule I've made. Basically I start to germ every 3-4 weeks, veg them for 3-4 weeks and flower them from 6-8weeks. So I started this cycle a few months ago and hopefully will be able to keep it up, so the moment it's time to harvest I have 4 plants that are ready to flip into flowering or are already one week into it and 4 more plants vegging right behind that. Wish me luck, it's been hectic but manageable.

    Anyways that's my current grow.
    Thanks for checking it out
    Happy ​​​​​​Growing & Love to you all !

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    I love the photos with notations!! It's genius I'm going to use it next grow if you're cool with it?
    Grow and good luck!
    Current grow:
    TBD probably in October or November

    past grows:


    • Lotusyde
      Lotusyde commented
      Editing a comment
      Yeah absolutely, I just used a basic app for it. And thank you, I give them alot of love

    • Tika
      Tika commented
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      Greatttttt Grow !!!! 😍

    • Lotusyde
      Lotusyde commented
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      Thanks Tika 😆

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    Beautiful grow! That photo of the auto jack is trichomalicious!😀
    Advanced platinum 450w
    Foxfarms big bloom , tiger bloom , grow big



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      🌱 Why a thumbs down in the title? Your plants are beauties! You deserve a thumbs up! 🌱
      (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Poof!


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