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Anyone use blackdog led lights?

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    Anyone use blackdog led lights?

    I was hoping to get some opinions on this particular light. I would like to start a small grow(haven't grown in 25+ years) and much has changed. Looking for a quality led to use for a long time to come. Input is greatly appreciated.

    Hi Shepherdman 64,

    You're in my boat, lol, it's been a good 25 years for me too, and yes A LOT has changed! I started with some cfl's and 2 cheap Chineese 300 (true watt) Led lights. I have 2 auto's growing now, and hope to have my first harvest in less than 3 weeks (?). Everything, so far is going well with the setup I have.

    But ---- Knowing what I know now ----

    I would probably be looking at the 315 Lec lights.

    But first I highly recommend reading through all the good stuff in the tabs up above and when needed post your questions here, they are like a family here and are extremely helpful.

    After reading, decide what you would like to grow first and then plan for future grows. I know you said a "small grow" but plan for the biggest space you can accommodate.

    My biggest problem was adjusting for Heat and Humidity. I used the Kind Soil method so nutrients so far have not been an issue for me, and the Distilled water I have been buying at Wally World has been running a close 6.5

    Sorry, got carried away -- Your first grow is going to be an enlightening experience, and I think as you go through your first grow you will probably have a better handle on how to proceed on your next grow.


      cutting and pasting this from a previous post...

      Originally posted by bobsakamoto View Post

      here's a suggestion. when i was where you are i (uninformedly) thought that since "light=food" for plants then go with the larger light if i could afford it. what this meant was that i got *one* really big light, a switchable 1000W MH/HPS w/air-cooled reflector, $200.

      since then i have learned that it is far better (for reasons you can check in NebulaHaze 's tutorials on lighting, links below) to have more than 1 light with lesser or equal to wattage than it is to have just 1 light w/max wattage.

      and i know you're not looking to upgrade but the info here is invaluable

      anyway, since reading all of that and understanding what it meant, i saw the newbie mistake of my initial light purchase. since then i have purchased a viparspectra 300 and 2 roleadro 2nd generation COB (link below) because, the latter, at only $100, are a REALLY good value for not just wattage, 400W, but perhaps more importantly, they are full spectrum. so in short this set up is very versatile since i have 3 lights (at 900 total watts) doing a FAR BETTER job at doing what my initial purchase, the 1 1000watt light, could, for only a little more money

      in addition, doing it the "multi-light" way means a MUCH larger light "footprint" for your plants (see tutorials), and also one that is more versatile/more customizable. for example you can move them around, interchange them, etc., depending on say, strain or species.
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        Welcome Shepardman 64. Like Yamiacaveman said, have a decent size grow area or tent. I started small and cheap, built a 2X2X4 grow box, used CFL lights and a cheap inline exhaust fan. I've had a couple of successful grows but now upgrading everything. I am expanding my grow area to 3X3X6 and getting a 315 LEC lights after this grow. LOTS of good folks here, willing to share experiences and advice.
        DIY grow space 2.5' X 3.5' X 6.5'
        315 LEC
        6" Vortex exhaust fan w/speed control
        6" Carbon filter
        3- 6" fans
        temp and humidity gauge
        5 gal smart pots w/ FFOF soil
        FF trio nutrients


          Are u looking cheap or expensive led? I find that a gd cheap one is the 1000w bestva led it burns warmer than most led but still a lot cooler then hps the light is about 140bucks but because of the red specrum it produces it's best for autoflowers because there not photo sensitive. The actual wattage from the wall is 200watts and it vegs and flowers 2 autos no problem. Way more growth than my actual 350wattage led from China.


            This bestva light is best at 18-22 inchs away.


              Yeah, welcome shepardman64, I'm thinking 64 is probably your age and if so we grew up during the same time period, lots has changed for sure. I started again after over 30 years. Started with a 2x4x6 tent with cfl lights, then went cheap leads, that work alright but after research and learning here, I have ordered the lec 315 and wish I would have just done it in the first place. Also do yourself a favor and pay attention to everything you read from green75 on here, that guy knows his shit! I come to that conclusion after 8 months of growing and studying videos, books and all, but the only source I have found that produces what I can see with my own eyes has been from this forum and green 75.
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                Well said Sonnyhad!
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                I agree with this post green75 is the master of growing! If cost isn't an issue iv herd that the LEC 315/630 is an amazing light I hear it's the best!

              I follow Green and Nebula and know I'm going to get schooled . Best ever .
              2-4X4 tents, 1200 WATT LED'S in Promix Organic with worm castings , vermiculite, and bone meal with Island Nutes and 7 gal grow pots


                Thanks for all the sound advice. You all seem eager to help-quite refreshing!


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