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Autoflower strains: 6 weeks in since they sprouted

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    Autoflower strains: 6 weeks in since they sprouted

    Strain info and flowering time; the two strains are indica dominant autoflowers and bred by Royal Queen Seeds.

    1.) Northern Lights Auto (Northern Lights x Ruderalis) indica

    Sativa 0%, indica 80%, ruderalis 20%

    Plant life cycle: 12 weeks after sprouting.

    Flowering time: 6-8 weeks

    Plant age: 46 days old / week 6

    2.) Purple Punch Auto (Purple Punch x Old Skunk Auto) indica

    Sativa 20%, Indica 75%, Ruderalis 5%

    Plant life cycle: 10 weeks after sprouting

    Flowering time: 7-8 weeks

    Plant age: 45 days old / week 6

    Things I’ve done this week: I’ve pruned all the big fan leaves, and left the small leaves along the sugar leaves. I will not prune again since I’m waiting for harvest

    Day Temp: 77.7*C

    Day humidity: 54%

    Day vpd: 1.49 kpa

    Night temp: 74.8* F

    Night humidity: 57%

    Night vpd: 1.27 kpa

    ​Runoff came at: 1070 ppm keep in mind im using tap water that has around 350 ppm

    Should be 720 ppm without the tap waters ppm

    Lights: 18/6 (my led lights cannot be dimmed, and lights are hanging at the top of the tent at the moment.)

    Watering: every two days or three days. I water as soon as the medium is complety dried up… (pH 6.5)

    Feeding: only once a week

    Soil: Ocean Forest by Fox Farm

    For feeding im using the following and Im following the bottles instructions

    The following nutes im using are by are by general hydroponics and the dose I’ve been using is for the blooming and rippenint stage… the following are, calmag 5 ml, silica armor 5 ml, floramicro 10 ml, florabloom 15 ml, and floragro5ml.
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    Those look really good, actually they look great for 6 weeks old. I like the bud spacing and they are not very leafy for an Indica Auto flower. Cool


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