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    HELP! New grow

    Looking for some advice. Going to do my first run without live soil. Im switching from 5 gal to 3 gal pots and im going to use the General Hydroponics Flora series nutrients. What im looking for is ratio to build my soil. I recently created a dirted aquarium so i have Organic Potting soil, Peat Moss, and compost (lobster shells from maine or something ). Im hoping to use all 3 since i have them laying around so can someone help me with correct ratio when i create my soil. Trying to use all 3 since i dont have any other use for them

    Peat moss has a very low PH, like 3.5 so easy does it


      I use my own compost mixed with potting soil but have never used peat. A formula that has worked well for me is 2 parts soil ( usually FFHF) 1 part compost, 1 part perlite


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