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How is my grow going so far?

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    How is my grow going so far?

    I have these 2 plants going and they are on week 12 since germination. I lost track of what the seeds are but they are definitely fem and maybe auto. They are in potting compost with perlite in 25 litre buckets and I got a new Spider Farmer SF1000 Evo when they were seedlings which is on 18/6.
    I had some issues with getting them started probably due to the temps but eventually they got going. This is my 4th grow and these are by far the strongest and bushiest plants I've grown so far. I've de-leafed the bigger one several times and it's still bushy.
    The height of the bigger plant is almost half way to the light so I'm thinking it's just about time to switch the light to get them flowering. On previous grows I've reduced the light and left it there until harvest but I read somewhere on here that more light when flowering will improve the yield so, what's the recomendation for that process?
    I'm not sure what to do with the smaller plant. I think I will take it out of the tent while the other one is switching to flowering and put it back after to let it veg a bit longer.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20240401_103758.jpg
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    SF 35X47X70 tent
    SF1000 X4
    AC Infinity 6 inch exaust fan
    AC Infinity ocillating fan X2
    FFOF Soil
    FF Soil Trio. and CalMag
    GH Flora Series
    3 and 5 gallon fabric pots

    Mango Sherbert
    Gelato Cake
    Grape Icecream auto by going2fast


      How big are you planning on growing your plants? Not much room in there. You could top the larger one so that the littler one isn't so small then flip them and allow stretch to fill out the tent.


      • Bluey
        Bluey commented
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        Roots is spot on, top the big one at least a couple of times then flip to 12/12 once it recovers.

        Once you flip to 12/12 those plants will double in size, possibly triple. It's called "the stretch."

      OK, thanks. It's a 2x2 tent and it's all I've got so I have to work around that. My previous grows didn't stretch very much at all after flipping the light and the yields were very poor, about 20g per plant. This looks much more promising though.


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