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Co2 bags question

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    Co2 bags question

    Hello again i am starting a small new grow with one plant in a 60×60×140 cm grow tent 150 watt led and i was watching for co2 bags and i found one that can cover up to 10 m2 space . Ami hoing to have a problem with too much co2 or am i going tp be ok
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    If you are venting your tent, you will vent the CO2.



      The plants can’t absorb any more co2 than what’ll be in the air unless your lights are top of the range led with very high wattage. 150w light will not be enough to warrant the additional co2. Just focus on trying to look after your plants and get something decent enough at harvest time. Once you get the basics right you can start playing around with your set up but just chucking a load of stuff you read together won’t be a great idea as you’ll have no idea where to start when you inevitably get issues


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        Exactly. Need a very well sealed room with much much more light to need CO2.

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