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Is this a nitrogen deficiency?

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    Is this a nitrogen deficiency?

    Hey folks,

    According to Google this is a nitrogen deficiency.

    Is that correct?

    I’m using synthetic nutes & have been giving half strength dosages.

    When I noticed the yellowing (4 days ago) I fed her at full strength 2 days ago, but haven’t seen any noticeable improvement as of yet.

    I’m hoping I’m on the right track.

    Any insights appreciated & will be noted.

    That would seem to be a pretty classic case of nitrogen deficiency. I don't know anything about artificial nutrients but if it were mine, I would top dress with worm castings.


      The effected leaves won't improve..they are cactus.

      You are stopping it from spreading..not fixing the screwed leaves
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        Thanks for chiming in Bluey.

        I thought that might be the case i.e stop it from spreading, as oppose to fixing the affected leaves.


        • ChubbNugg
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          Editing a comment
          as a precursor, you may like to try to measure your run off pH. nute deficiencies, ( in my experience) start there. A pH change will alter the way a plants' root system uptakes the available nutes. Also, I would check the soil to make sure there are no larva in the soil. tiny bug larvae love roots and will kill a plant in time from feasting on the tender root goodies. And, when I see this type of problem, I do a soil flush. Leftover nute salts can inhibit the uptake of nutrients. I use a well crafted homemade compost tea to do all my flushing, and it works amazingly for me. Good Luck!! CbNg

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