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    Hey all. I'm a 48 year old Midwest guy. I grew years ago with bag seed. This last grow was my first with decent equipment and femanized seed.

    I hope I didn't offend anyone with my last post. I turned on CNN and they were doing a story on "Harry and Megan". I flipped over to MSNBC. Another "Harry and Megan" report. I switched to Fox News. And so help me the same thing.
    SF 35X47X70 tent
    SF1000 X4
    AC Infinity fans
    FFOF Soil

    LMFAO from seed
    Runtz muffin clones
    Durban poison clones


      Mollisol I didn't see your last post so I don't know whether to be offended or not just sayin'. But I do hold the same sentiments toward the so-called royals. Talk about offensive, I could care less about any of that. Most of us don't think about the fact that broadcast media is ran by just a few companies that def have an agenda, doesn't matter if it's left or right. All of that red or blue BS flies right out the window when it comes to our vices, though. That's why medical passed in OK (one of the reddest of the so called red states) a few years ago.
      Auto Tent: Gorilla 3x3x6, HLG 350R, Infinity 4" w/Carbon Filter, Autopot system, Coco 50/50 perlite: Seeds dropped 4-1-2023ILGM Super Lemon Haze
      Photo Tent: Gorilla 4x4x6 HLG Scorpion R, Infinity 6” w/Carbon Filter, Coco 50/50 perlite, Autopot system: 2-1-23: Ace Seeds: Killer A5 Haze
      Nutrients: CX Horticulture - full line for both tents


        I’m a 48 year old Canuck in central Ontario , enjoying and trying to support the legal recreational cannabis that we are lucky enough to have in this country, despite the bumps in the road.
        Smoking for a bit over 3 decades. I always had an interest in growing, and read the classic grow books from the ‘80&’90 but didn’t start till 2018 when some orphan plants followed my wife home one day.
        Since then it’s been a deep dive into all aspects of cannabis from the industry to the growing side, indoor and outdoor. Also, started growing microgreens and culinary herbs indoors along the way.


        • DW2
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          One thing is for certain, One is never too old to learn. If you are, then you're dead! (LOL!!)

        Too. I feel too old at 67.
        Soil: Coast of Maine Stonington Blend, perlite; Seedlings: CoM org potting soil
        Indoor: 2 x 5.5 x 8' Closet grow
        Viparspectra XS2000; EnjoYield 220W full spectrum light added during flower
        Various size fabric grow bags
        Cal-Mag & GH Trio if needed; Flower Fuel & molasses during bloom; ReCharge
        4 clip fans. Exhaust into attic is vented to the eaves
        Current grow: DEAD FLOWERS

        "Joker, smoker & midnight toker, I sure don't want to hurt no one"


        • Farmbuck
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          But your'e still 3 yrs younger than me !!

        I just turned awesome to be able to take advantage of all the experience that's on these forums and GWE!! Thank you all for sharing your knowledge as well as for showing what it's like to be humble by seeking help and advice when necessary!
        Organic indoor grower - 4x4 tent - 2 Electric Sky 180v3s
        Relax, don't worry, less is more...usually!


          I'm 65 next week, and so far really lovin retirement. Still amazed that after a career of being a stealth stoner to protect security clearances I can openly be myself. And loving all the neat stuff that growing has opened up. solvent extracts, heat pressing rosin, hash, drinks - all super fun. And now the latest is tonight picking/eating the first of my intro attempt at Shroom growing. In a half hour i will know how good they are, but taste like - mushrooms
          A happy Canuk. this grow will be using Flora Flex nutrients in coco/perlite. 9 plants in 3 by 3 tent and 8 plants in 2 by 4, in 1 or 2 gallon pots (whatevere is there). manual fertigation planned. veg till around 1 ft high. 2 by 4 tent light is Bloom Plus 2500 and 3 by 3 tent has Mar Hydro Ts3000, both of which seem awesome.


          • DW2
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            Bootsy, still remember that THEY are still watching! Only the paranoid will survive! LOL!!!!

          • Ckbrew
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            Just because you are paranoid, does not mean that they are not out to get you.

          • DW2
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            Ckbrew, EXACTLY!!

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