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    CBG Question

    I’ve been using CBG and liking it! In terms of growing, aside from buying CBG seeds, I’m looking for evidence re: at what point do the buds in weed plants have the highest concentration of CBG before it converts to THC/CBD etc? In other words, is there a way to tell when the best time to harvest is based on higher concentration of CBG before it turns into THC or CBD? Thanks!
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    I have no idea about any of this. I suggest you peruse the websites of the seed growers to glean any information. However, I do not recall ever reading anything about CBG.
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      CBG is the precursor acid to all of the cannabinoids so it is present first. It is my understanding that (without scientific URL links) the highest concentration of CBG will be found early on in the plant, way before Thc/cbd and long before THC degrades to CBN. It is also my understanding that the roots of the plant contains high levels of CBG, so it's a matter of when and where for the home grower.

      In a commercial setting, like what you have most likely bought the process is done in a lab through isolation with heat/cold, extraction, and dissolution. CBG has the lowest vaporizing point, if I remember right it's around 165f, anybody that decarb flower at home flashes the CBG on the way to 235f.

      I would reseach the when and where if you are looking from a at home point as the extraction process is more precise it requires expensive equipment and more than basic chemistry knowledge.
      You're killing me Smalls!


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        Thank you for your post. I now know what MaxR is referring to. Something new to me.

      • PRIMO
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        Wow! Look at the big brain on you Mr F. Looks like MaxR gonna be rinsing off some roots.

      Thanks for the replies. I’ve edited the original question to make it a bit more clear what I’m after.


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