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Week 7 Flower Yellowing Help

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    Week 7 Flower Yellowing Help

    A bit of info:

    8 Week Strain (some cultivars can go as long as 9-10)
    Amended Soil, last amended on week 5, 5 gallon pot
    LEDs with a ppfd ranging from 800-920

    It will be eight weeks on the 30th (five more days). While I want to say the plant is fading, I still see white hairs. If I don't do anything I don't know if the plant can last until the 10th week if it had to. This is pretty much my first official photo grow, so complete novice here.

    Going off what I see and have researched, it looks pretty identical to nitrogen deficiency pictures, which would coincide with a fade since there is no longer nitrogen for the plant to intake. However, wouldn't it be too soon if the plant were to have to last 2+ more weeks?

    Another thing I feel like it could be is a slight magnesium deficiency. While the leaves are uniformly turning yellow from the outer edge to the inside of the leaf (like they are being drained of life), I do see some slight issues with yellow around the leaf veins in some areas.

    What would you do in my situation? I have root organics elemental coming tomorrow if I need extra calcium and mag, or I can just use Epsom salt for a quick fix since the end is near. If it's a nitrogen issue, I can't imagine giving it any more nitrogen, lol.

    What would you do in this situation?
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    What made you decide to go with the mazar being a novice? They are being drained . They are using there sugars in leaves and they die. Its that time of the year for them. Time to havest I have 2 mazars going on there 8 weeks among others. Have fun and dont trip too much on the mazar feller. Good Luck
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    1 Marshydro tsl 2000 @ 300 watt.
    1 sf2000 @200 watts
    2 philzon @230 watts
    2x4x5 tent
    3x6x8 closet
    Fox Farm ocean forest
    Black gold for seedling
    3 gal pot holes in sides and bottom
    RH 40-60
    Temp 70-80
    Feeding with FF trio with molasses
    calmag and a little flower fuel
    Light at 10 -16 inches above canopy

    Finished growing: Mazar, og kush, northern lights, alcopulco gold and amnesia haze.

    Next Up: Super Lemon Haze and Mazar 2x


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      The answer might be disappointing, but the seeds came as freebies. Sadly, I had never heard of Mazar prior. When I got the seeds as freebies, I looked the cultivar up and thought I'd give it a shot as I'm interested in trying some of the older strains with history; the fact that it is said to be good with pain and insomnia was icing on the cake as my mother-in-law suffers from Fibromyalgia. We've been looking for other means of pain relief (and insomnia) after she got addicted to the pain medication.

    If your going to push them can’t you make a tea to carry them through.
    3x3 Tent
    Viparspectra 700
    coco loco soil Gaia organic’s
    Build a soil 3.0


      I would certainly give them some calmag, reminds me of LED fade. Those leaves are being eaten as is done in the wild, they'll go 2 more weeks. I would also take some big fans off, any leaf thats used up is in the way.


      • Franklin
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        LED fade? Do plants under LED lights fade differently? I haven't heard about this

      • Rwise
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        I have seen it here, looked luvly, might back the lights off a bit too.

      Wait till the leaf pulls off easily. If it needs a tug then it's still being drained.


      • Rwise
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        Agreed, ten

      I would agree that it just looks like it's that time of its lifecycle so I wouldn't go adding too much to it at this point.

      A little note, if you're growing organic (I see you've mentioned you're using amended soil but not sure if you're going all non-synthetic nutes or not). It looks like you did some very nice defoliation during your grow and this is great! However, being an organic grower myself, I've learned that in organic growing I need to defoliate less than with a synthetic grow. This is because not only are the fan leaves the solar panels for your plant, but they also store lots of nutrients for this stage in the grow. If there are fewer leaves for the plant to 'cannibalize' that leaves fewer resources for this stage of the grow. Whereas with synthetic nutes, you are kind of 'force-feeding' the plant until you decide it's done. Just a little tip that I've learned the hard way!

      I will say, it doesn't look like nitrogen since that will start at the bottom and move to the top. Your pics seem to show the general chlorosis throughout and pretty evenly which is another sign pointing to it's just that time of life!

      Nice job on your first photo run - hope you've learned lots, kept great notes, and keep rocking on!
      Organic indoor grower - 4x4 tent - 2 Electric Sky 180v3s
      Relax, don't worry, less is more...usually!


        Thanks for all the responses, and reassurance. It's greatly appreciated. I'll update with pictures after drying fore sure!


          Update: Here is week 8+ and harvest window is opening on these girls. (8-10 week strain). Take a look and give me your opinions please. In my opinion, Mazar 2 looks like it can go longer while Mazar 1 looks like if I give it too much more time there may be too much amber.

          Mazar 1, Pictures 1-7
          Mazar 2, Pictures 8-10

          And on a side note, this DosiDos auto seems to be taking much longer than the information says, 70-75 days from seed. Currently at day 88ish, pictures 11-15
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            Thanks for the update and for the very sparkly photos!

            It looks like only 15 of your photos posted, but the ones that did look like, as you mentioned, are entering the harvest window. Now it's up to you and your tastes to decide when to harvest. You mentioned that you may be growing for your mother-in-law to help with insomnia, so you might choose to wait until there's more amber in the trichomes than 'normal' as that means there's more THC and CBN (two of the 'sleepy' cannabinoids that also help with pain relief). You might also do a little experiment and harvest them at different times/different levels of amber to see what you or anyone you grow for prefers and then use that knowledge for future grows.

            Nice job seeing it along this far, you're soooo close to harvest! Then comes the hard part...patience while waiting for a proper dry and most importantly a good curing after that!
            Organic indoor grower - 4x4 tent - 2 Electric Sky 180v3s
            Relax, don't worry, less is more...usually!


            • Thebeginning1989
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              Thanks! And you have to hover over the picture to see the file name that shows picture number. Either way, it would be 1-7 for Mazar 1, 8-10 Mazar 2, DSD 11-15. I had changed it, but then changed it back when I saw you could hover over the pictures. Then I thought about changing it back thinking to myself, who has time to hover lol; going to change it again *sigh lol

            I see quite a bit of amber in the first few pics.
   well as several others.
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            • Thebeginning1989
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              Yeah, picture 1-7 have quite a bit of amber so I was thinking of pulling that one already. It definitely is milky > amber > clear on Mazar 1.

            I'd wait, a week then check again.
            Soil: Coast of Maine Stonington Blend, perlite; Seedlings: CoM org potting soil
            Indoor: 2 x 5.5 x 8' Closet grow
            Viparspectra XS2000; EnjoYield 220W full spectrum light added during flower
            Various size fabric grow bags
            Cal-Mag & GH Trio if needed; Flower Fuel & molasses during bloom; ReCharge
            4 clip fans. Exhaust into attic is vented to the eaves
            Current grow: DEAD FLOWERS

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              Im with Puglover. In my opinion, There are still too many white pistils for me, and the amber is just starting in the trichomes. I would be waiting for more of the pistils to brown up and turn in, and it looks like a week might do it. especially as it was said before - you are looking for pain relief and relaxation.
              A happy Canuk. this grow will be using Flora Flex nutrients in coco/perlite. 9 plants in 3 by 3 tent and 8 plants in 2 by 4, in 1 or 2 gallon pots (whatevere is there). manual fertigation planned. veg till around 1 ft high. 2 by 4 tent light is Bloom Plus 2500 and 3 by 3 tent has Mar Hydro Ts3000, both of which seem awesome.


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