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Nute burn in 5th week of bloom cycle!

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    Nute burn in 5th week of bloom cycle!

    Hi everybody and happy growing, I have 1 of 3 Indica Diablo hybrid in the 5th wk. of 12/12 bloom cycle recovering from a previous nute burn noticed a week ago. After reducing GH Flora Trio nutes to approx 1/2 strength of GH schedule. I'm a little lost in this grow of when to harvest, this being the oldest of the 3 in this grow by a wk to 10 days. The other plants have no noticeable change. My loupe is showing the younger plants trichsomes clear and I see no ambering of the trichs on the oldest plant so how many more weeks or should I just check the trichs until the ambering starts to appear? Thanks ahead for your help and suggestions.
    starting 6th wk bloom 12/12 400w HPS  2'x4'x5' grw tent GH Trio,CaliMagic,Hydroguard Nute burn appear stopped. Trichsomes are showing no amber.

    I like a head high and not napping on the coach so I harvest when most trics are cloudy with just a few amber.


      Check daily...when in doubt

      Clear...too early
      Cloudy...head high
      Amber...body high

      They will appear by themselves or percentages of all..
      But once you see Amber the thc starts to go down and the cbd and cbn gets greater...

      Always look at the calyx for tricome color..not fan leaves or sugar leaves
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