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    on a DWC system when going from veg to flower should I drain the nutrient water and start over with fresh water and nutrients for flowering?

    I'm not sure of the correct answer. But I would/did.
    Back to playin in the dirt!
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      TWO With all due respect, you need to read up on how to use nutrients:

      You will waste a lot of time and money if you don't know the basics of cannabis growing.
      Anyone can grow schwag. If you want to grow top shelf bud, study hard:

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        Ditto comment from above.

      Howdy TWO, I agree with alltatup about reading up on the nutrient(s) that You are using. I have been using the GH MaxiGrow and MaxiBloom line (with some of the GH supplements) The GH nutrient schedule shows a mix of the grow and the bloom nutriments at the 12/12 switch, a transition time, if you will, and this has worked well for me.
      It is very difficult to give One advice for their grow without knowing the details of the grow setup, so some details of your grow would be helpful.
      Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


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