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how trustworthy are reviews on buying seeds?

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    how trustworthy are reviews on buying seeds?

    Are reviews something good to go on when buying seeds online? whether about the company or the reviews they have on the seeds? any thoughts?

    About as trustworthy as a first time poster on a internet forum.

    Lots of experienced seed buyers around these parts did you have a specific company in mind?
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      I read a lot of reviews. It's the negative reviews I read most carefully, looking to see if the poster has a legitimate issue to report or not. For me, the review take-away info becomes just one of several factors to make a decision on.


        Meh...It's always sketchy ordering for the first time. Especially overseas. But I'd say, as long as your using a reputable/well known breeder or seedbank, you should be worry-free. Think of it this way - if they want your continued business, why would they rip you off?
        I hope this post can set your mind at ease.

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          I purchased some seeds from a recommended vendor...all 15 were duds. I posted a remark here, for others to compare their experiences. I then went with a vendor I've done business with successfully before (Seedsman).

          There are a couple of extra variables like postal inspections and possibly treatment that may come into play.

          I recommend trying a variety of different vendors. My next purchase will likely be from ILGM, unless I read a horror story or two.
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            This was my second year growing with purchased seed. I don't recall off hand who I bought seed from the first year, but last year it was Seed Fair. Both years I had 100% germination but did have a few babies wilt off both years. That, of course, was on me, not the seed.

            Seed Fair sent along some free seeds last year, which was nice. The free seeds were, however, the same varieties I had bought. Nothing different to try.

            My seed for the 2023 season is from Seedsman/Blimburn. I won't germinate probably until March. They also sent along free seeds, however, they sent different varieties. Not only that, they noticed that I ordered photoperiod plants exclusively and sent only pp seeds. Payin' attention is a good thing!

            I will try to remember to post what kind of germination rate I get from the new seed.
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              Just look for a seedbank that offers a guarantee. Many of them do. I purchased mine from an overseas seed bank called Seedsman and they always back up their product. I had issues with some seeds and they replaced them all without question.
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                All of the reviews refer to their products as "sparkly, earthy, fruity. potent, high yield, delicious etc..." None of them say "These are horrible, spindly, weak, difficult, low germination poor yield, smelly of taste's terrible". Reviews are designed to sell products, period. If a reviewer has any ties to the industry, their reviews are suspect. Your only recourse is reviews by fellow growers and buying from a reliable vendor.
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