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Possible light issue?

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    SOIL Possible light issue?

    Do you see anything wrong with the top leaves? They seem very bright green. I suspected it was from light being too close so i moved it all the way up

    Might be. I'm trying running the humidity higher to see if it helps with the light stress. Usually target a 1.10 VPD but am at .90 now. I got an auto that is zooming in height and the light is already as high as I can get it.


      I’ll be honest. I don’t really know what VDP means. Mines at .89 now. I was trying to keep humidity under 60%. Set fan to turn on if it’s above 60%. Should this be higher?


        Vapor Pressure Differential. 1.00 is ideal they say. I was running on the dry side trying to encourage more transpiration but was wondering if that didn't harm the new upper leaves?

        Vapor pressure deficit (VPD) chart & calculator for horticulture in controlled environment. Cannabis, tomatoes, leafy greens, cucumber.


          Your pic looks just fine to me actually. The top parts are the new growth and that's often going to be a little lighter than the older growth. If you look at the new growth lower down, you'll see that's pretty much the same color of green as the top parts of new growth. Make sure that your light is the distance away that is recommended by the manufacturer for the stage of growth of your plant and intensity of the light if it's variable.

          If you're using LEDs, light stress can happen slowly but even just an inch or two more distance can make a big difference so when the plants are growing in height, it's important to monitor.

          Overall though, to me, your plant looks happy and healthy!
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          Relax, don't worry, less is more...usually!


          • ponzi314
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            Happy to hear this, in a panic i moved the lights up. Spider farms recommended 12-18 inches in flowering stage. I was at 12 and probably bumped it up to 18 inches

          • AGH
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            Good, glad to help the world stay calm :-p

            See how they do at 18" and as long as they aren't showing any light stress, you can slowly lower them if you want. Just remember, the closer/more intense the lights, the faster things happen - both good and bad, but usually bad!

            Keep up what looks to be some good work!

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