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cloudy trichomes and white pistils

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    SOIL cloudy trichomes and white pistils

    First time grower in a greenhouse in pots in UK. Plants have been flowering for about six to eight weeks and look healthy. Often 90% RH but there is nothing I can do about that. Fan on at all times to circulate the air. Greenhouse vents are open. |No sign of budrot - yet. Fan heater comes on at 12 degrees and off at 14 degrees to stop cold at night. I have cloudy trichomes, which indicate time to harvest, but almost all of the pistils are white. Somehow they don't look ready to harvest, even though I have never grown before.
    any thoughts anyone?

    I would say six to eight weeks is far to young.
    And humidity, yes there is something that you can do. Vent more exhaust or run dehumidifier. You're playing with fire on that one.
    Let's hear some more about your grow. Maybe see some pictures?
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      A picture would be of immense help. Based upon your description, I would wait until you see some amber trichomes.
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        A general rule of thumb is to know the flowering time of the seeds you're growing. The best way to know when it's time to harvest is based on the trichomes. Once those start to turn amber (I like to have about 15% turned) that's when to harvest. Pistils are an indicator as well, but sometimes you'll get white pistils growing right up until harvest. You probably already know, but usually you'll have an 8 week flower period and those last two weeks are critical to all of the cannabinoids developing. You mention 6-8 weeks is where they are now...6 weeks would be significantly too early. At 8 weeks, you're generally entering the harvest window. Get a magnifying glass and wait for those trichs to turn amber (determining if they're cloudy or clear can be really difficult) and once you get 15%-30% amber ones, that's when it's time to harvest.

        And for your next grow, find a way to manage that humidity...although that may be difficult to do based on your set up/what equipment you can get. It sounds like you already understand that 90% humidity is bad, but none of us want you to find out just what kind of damage that kind of humidity can do!

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          thanks for your responses, you are very generous with your knowledge.. the plant was given to me as a very weak plant with only its first pair of proper leaves and I was told it was a strain called 'cucumber'. I have now been told it is actually a strain called pineapple but I don't know anymore than that. The trichomes certainly look cloudy to me, but I am new to this. The pistils look white. The plants are fed using FoxFarm nutrients and have 1 litre of PH balanced water every three days or so.
          The challenge with the humidity is that the plants grow in the greenhouse which is fully vented and has a 24/7 fan to provide air movement. A dehumidifier would have to run 24/7 to keep the humidity down. I have not tried it to find out if it would be successful. so currently I examine carefully every day for any signs of budrot.
          I really want to harvest asap due to the fear of budrot and the trichomes say harvest, the pistils say different.
          Am I missing something?
          My guess of six to eight weeks of flowering is based on me not knowing when the flowering started. I was told they would start when there as 12/12 day night - that was on 20th Sept in UK. So about six weeks ago.

          thanks again - any advice would be gratefully recieved..


            There seems to be a real debate concerning autoflowering strains. In the UK this seems the obvious solution - start in May, harvest in August. no bother with humidity or temperature. whats the downside of Autoflowering strains?


              If the trichomes look like enough of them are amber, then that's the best indicator of when to harvest. Just make sure you're using a magnifying glass and you're getting a good close up look at them. From the photos you posted, it looks like I'd give them at least another week if not two. All except a few of the trichomes look to be cloudy instead of amber. My guess is that if you let them go until 15% (about 1 or 2 out of every 10 trichomes) are amber colored, you'll be happier. You'll have more potent buds and it looks like they wouldn't mind a little bit longer to fatten up. At the end of the day, it's your grow and after you harvest, dry, and cure you get to try out the fruits of your labor! That's when you can make notes for the future grows and then adjust your harvest timing based on experience. Here's a great article about the trichomes and the chart about 2/3 of the way down has some helpful pictures:

              For autos, there's not necessarily a downside just different characteristics. They flower and mature regardless of light cycles, rather they mature and flower based on age. They don't yield as much (maybe considered a downside) but they get to harvest sooner than photos (potentially an up-side). They can't be trained with as many methods (like LST so that rules out using a scrog or manifold) because you can't keep them in veg long enough to recover from the stress of training. Some would say that's a benefit, others would say a disadvantage. So it's not so much that one is better than the other, they're just different :-) If you're growing in conditions where you can't control the environment your plants are growing in and you know you have a limited time of ideal conditions, an autoflowering strain would potentially be ideal. However, if you're looking to do a lot of training to maximize yields and you're able to manage the environment effectively then a photoperiod might be the way to go.

              Great questions - keep it up!
              Organic indoor grower - 4x4 tent - 2 Electric Sky 180v3s
              Relax, don't worry, less is more...usually!


                AGH and others thanks for your advice and I thought I would give you an update.
                What I realised is that although the tricomes were cloudy, it wasn't time. I watched as the buds filled out, fattening noticeably. I was going to wait but then the humidity (80-90%) finally caused budrot. I cut it out and destroyed it. had more a few days later and then some more. I reasoned that I couldn't control it so the only answer was to harvest. I dried for 7 days and am now curing the buds. 6 oz from two plants is not massive but it will keep me going. Had a cheeky smoke of the un-cured bud and it was wonderful. in the UK we are generally sold the normal couch potato heavy hitting weed so it was a great relief that I got that happy high with the fixed grin. makes it all worth it.
                I have learnt alot and now realise that in the UK there is really no choice but to grow autoflowering varieties, so start in April/May and harvest in July. no humidity issues.
                Now planning the seeds I want and am waiting for April
                Thanks again


                  My current grow the trichomes were getting some spotty dark on the main colas. I cut them off and am going to let the smaller buds go and see what happens.


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