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Plant number 1 is sad

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    SOIL Plant number 1 is sad

    What is wrong with my plant 😕 Is it broad mites? If so or if not, what should I do next?

    Read these links;
    Calcium deficiencies cause tiny brown spots that appear on new and middle growth. Learn how to fix this problem for good!

    Manganese deficiency can cause cannabis leaves to become yellow in between the veins, with mottled brown spots on the affected leaves. Learn how to treat it!

    Leaves with a potassium deficiency have yellow, brown, or burnt edges and tips. It may look like nutrient burn, but the leaf margins also turn yellow.

    Broad mites are tiny; they can be almost impossible to spot, and the symptoms may be similar to deficiency. Learn how to identify and get rid of them!


      A closer look


        I don't think it's mites. (Lucky you!) Unfortunately, this is hitting in early flower. Are you amending your soil at all or doing a "just add water grow"? What are you watering them with? Know where to get some worm castings? Finally, do you have a soil pH meter? I ask all that because it looks like a nutrient deficiency that could be an actual deficiency but is more likely a nutrient lockout caused by soil pH being a bit off. This is bad right now because flowering plants demand a lot of nutrients, especially phosphorus and potassium. The plant will let the leaves go to hell to give the buds all it can if it can't absorb enough of what it needs for the whole plant. If you're adjusting the pH of your water, stop unless you're getting 9.0 or higher out of the tap. Those chemicals used to adjust pH can build up in soil and cause the problems you're seeing now. If you're using reverse-osmosis water, you could very easily be causing a calcium deficiency because normal hard tap water has calcium and other micronutrients dissolved in it already. Worm castings can help with nutrient deficiencies and also boost the soil biology to help pH become self-governing.
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        Coco/Perlite/worm castings/mycorrhizae living soil mix.
        Down-To-Earth dry amendments. Gnarly Barley added weekly. Eisenia fetida.

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          UndergroundFarmer has give you some great advice...
          ...considering you have given us very little information about your grow.
          Back to playin in the dirt!
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