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how far in advance can you premix nutes?

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    how far in advance can you premix nutes?

    so I grow in three 4x4 tents, 4 plants in each, 10 gallon pots. i try to water all the plants in a particular tent at the same time, unless one plant is being particularly difficult. Usually on different nights, I water different tents, and some nights I dont water at all. Typically it seems, my plants are going anywhere from 4-6 days without needing water. I use the GH trio for nutes, and thats about as fancy as I get. I been alternating between feedings with just some calmag, epsom salts and potash. Been getting good results the last few grows.

    so, i try to manage my time best I can. I mix the nutes in 1 gallon containers. and each plant typically sees about 2 gallons at a time. On nights that no one needs anything to drink, I like to premix some nutes, or some calmag, or whatever, for the next watering that may be a day or two away, when the plants are ready. kind of a time management thing. sometimes, its convenient for me to premix 10 gallons of nutes one night, for use, maybe 2 or 3 days later. and that way, on a night a tent needs watering, I can just finish quicker, just ph it and pour it, and save time that night.

    question is, how far in advance can you premix nutes and let it sit, before it, well, goes bad? 24 hours? 48? 72? more? anyone else do this?

    From what I've read, no premixing.
    However, if you think about recirculating/hydroponic nutrients, they get mixed and used for a week(ish). What allows the mixed nutes to stay mixed for so long is aeration. If you keep an air stone going in your solution, it's supposed to be okay.
    From what I've read, anyway.
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      Howdy dustydundee, I am running a 'bubble phonics' style DWC setup, and I premix the nutrients (GH MaxiGrow and MaxiBloom, with supplements) a couple of days ahead of the water change/feed. If it is kept out of direct light and heat, it can be ok for several days before it starts to grow 'fuzzy' stuff (LOL!!). The more 'organic' stuff (FloraNector) that have more 'sugars' in them, I keep in the refrigerator to prevent any mold growth.
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