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    Have any of you tried one of these drier racks? I bought myself a bowl trimmer and this
    came with it. Over the years I've ping ponged all over with lots of drying methods. The
    past 2 years I've been doing it in cardboard boxes because October in California tends
    to be very dry and boxes seem to slow the process for better results. Just wondering
    what the pros and cons might be with this set-up.

    I’ve used them before. They work but they will flatten one side of the nugs, but then again so will cardboard. Be seriously careful when unboxing it. It will come collapsed as a disc and will explode out to full size when you start to expand it. It could hurt your eyes, so watch out.


      I like them for the first three to five days, got to turn your buds daily to help with the flattening.

      if you buy one do yourself a favor and get one with a rainbow type zipper door not the horizontal zipper like in the picture, horrible for getting buds in and out and limits your access.
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      • crucialbunny
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        Good to know Mr.furley. Unfortunately it came with the bowl trimmer I purchased so 'm stuck with flat zippers. BTW: It's good to see you back. You've always been a treasure trove of reliable information.

      • Mr.furley
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        Needed new hash bags Oh look, this one comes with a horizontal zippered (I didn't notice) drying rack is how I found out.
        Thank you for the kind words, life gets busy in Mr.furleys world, disco parties, chasing the ladies, Ka-rate, collecting rent....

      I have used before aswell. Mine has shorter sections with very long horizontal zippers and 8 sections. It's so tall that I have the bottom two tied up with plant ties because otherwise it would drag the floor in my drying closet.

      Besides that comment, I second everything Mr. furley has said.


        hey curcialbunny, i'm in socal, when i dry, i have a humidifier set at 50%, and a portable AC unit, and a portable dehumidifer, to cover all basics. i keep the room at 68 degrees, 50% humidity.


        • crucialbunny
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          Thanks johnb1963. I use my guestroom as drying central and it's got A/C and I try to keep a humidifier going. As you know during Santa Ana conditions which always seems to correlate with harvest, humidity is often in single digit territory. Keeping optimum conditions is a battle so I found that the box method helped keep things more manageable. I'm gonna give the mesh rack a try and see how it goes. Looks like I'll be harvesting the Freaks a couple weeks ahead of the Vanilla Frosting, OG Kush, and the Durban Poison, Hoping that will give me an indication before I put all my eggs in one basket. I'll be trying out a bowl trimmer on wet buds for the first time so it will be considerably different drying already trimmed bud. I plan on hand trimming the big colas and larger buds. I appreciate the input. If you don't mind me asking, where are you in So Cal?

        I'm in the OC near Disneyland.i have been curious about the bowl trimmers. which one did you get? let me know how it works. i thought they were made for dry trimming.


          I own one of these. They work quite well as long as the drying conditions are right. All you need is a place to hang it. Very easy to use and you can shorten the stack by using file clips to clip levels together.
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            I own one of those things...not real happy with it. It's too big, hard to access, and leaves a flat side on the buds unless you turn the flower as it's drying. Was looking for an alternative to hanging the buds to dry. Still looking...and using this thing cause I don't have a good place/space to hang my flower to dry.
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            • SoOrbudgal
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              I was gonna comment on this earlier for the same reason golfnrl mine came with a 4x4 tent it's way to big to hang in my house huge i don't know why i just don't donate it??

            I'm looking at getting a drying rack... Why have enclosed sides and zipper vs open sides?
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