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  • Experienced growers please help

    Facts that might help: I started germination back in December, it started in rock wool, then was transplanted to the solo cup, I will try to upload a picture of the dirt I used but I know for a fact that it's like a starter dirt so it just needed to be fed no added anything in the dirt. The water I use is pH tested before I feed the plant, right now I've been feeding the plant about every 2-3 days depending on the weight of the cup. I give it about 2 shot glasses (60mL) of water when I do feed it. The temperature stays in between 70-79 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity I will admit has been not too steady I try to keep it around 70-75% but it goes from 60-70% The problems started around the beginning of this month 02/10- Today. So far I have tried watering it a bit more because I thought I wasn't feeding it enough, then lowering the humidity in case it's over watering, I also opened up the drain holes at the bottom a bit more. I will be updating with more pictures later today if the plants condition worsens.
    This photo was taken 02/10/17 Two days later the first two leaves started to droop down. Gradually they started to turn yellow. Clearer picture This photo was taken yesterday 02/15/17 Now the water leaves are drooping 02/15/17

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    It is really stretching up there, so perhaps more light a little closer. Your 'dirt' has more questions than answers, so maybe a transplant to fresh 'dirt' might help get things going. Just my thoughts.
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      What lights are u useing and how far are they from the plant seem to be to far as the plant is lengthy. Do u have holes poked in the side of the cups so the roots can get oxygen? U may be not giving ur roots oxygen also how's ur aerogation in the soil? What ph do you use how old from sprout is ur plant and what's the strain?


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        In my option I would use perlight 1/3 to promix that's what iv used and had good success


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          This is the soil I put it in. I honestly want to keep it as simple as possible. The strain is a mystery I just had a group of seeds and this is the last one standing.
          Click image for larger version

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            The light is an LED light I can't tell you much more about it right now since I'm not home. I might have it a bit far because I had burnt a plant before this one so if anything I was a little too cautious on the distance. I will bring it a bit closer and see what happens. Thank you!


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              The reason I was asking about the distance is because the stem is very long witch indicates that the plants working to hard to get enough light. When u get home can u tell me what kinda light u have and how far it is. Iv never used that soil a quick test of aerogation is get a cup of it and get it wet with about 2 or 3 table spoons of water and see how soggy and saturated it gets and how it drains when held in ur hand if it retains water a lot it means ur roots wount get the oxygen it needs


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                Oxygen and light are major importance


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                  Those look light starved to me I'm afraid.
                  If they germinated in December they're really behind schedule. Typically I expect a node of growth a week at this stage.
                  Do you know where your seeds came from?

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                    On an average guess would ur seeds be indica or sativa? Just because they like things difffertly. The more info u can give the better it is to help


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                      Like others say, looks like light strech to me. I germinate in a solo cup and transfer to permanent pot within 10 days of sprouting.


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