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  • Ace1973
    usually, I do a couple of times to pollinate, two or three times to the same area. You should see the pistils start to brown and turn in, when you pollinate you should do the whole bud, hope this helps.

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  • Gingerbeard
    Having zero experience with what you are doing, let's talk about tomatoes, corn, and sperm.
    For next years seeds, I would pick all but a few big ones from the plant, then trim off everything that is no longer producing. The plant is left to finish it's life cycle until the remaining tomatoes fall on their own. I removed the seeds and dried them out.
    Corn needs to be planted en masse. One or three stalks probably won't give you anything as they rely on wind for pollenating. The corn elves do not use paint brushes to pollenate, instead relying on wind. Think of it as a mist instead of hard rain.
    When the first sperm hits the egg, the egg denies other sperm. Usually. It stays and does it's sperm duty.
    Here's where I'm coming from.
    In nature, man plants are still alive when pollen is being blown around the wimmin plants. The wimmin plants pollen up, make seeds, then die. It seems to me a diatomaceous earth powder duster type thing would be easier to use to get more of the plant. I'm going with a resounding 'yes' that pollen will stick to anything with a trichome, and 'no' that it will not be dislodged from the trichome. Figure how hard it is to get sticky off your fingers.
    If you're worried about pollenating your grow area, put the plant in a bag and take it outside. Do your pollenating there.
    Looks like one dab makes me wordy.

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  • Ckbrew
    started a topic ? about pollinating

    ? about pollinating

    Some pollinating is in order soon, first time doing this, some questions for the more experienced.

    I plan to tap the stems of the male flowers to allow pollen to collect on black paper, then transfer it with a paint brush to the female breeder's pistils. Does this need to be done more than once, as in should the process be repeated in a few days?

    After the breeder is pollinated the male will be removed and incinerated. How "infectious" would the pollinated female plant be with regard to contaminating the other plants with pollen if I wanted to move it back to the regular grow area? Does the pollen stick to the pistils and is not let go, or can it be dislodged and float around the room? Is there an amount of time to wait, or some way to clean the breeder of any pollen unused by the plant? water? time?

    Now that the pollen is being produced, can't I just cut off the male flowers and dry them in a brown paper bag, then collect excess pollen from there?

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