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    The Harequin Kimbo Kush is in jars and grove bags after a week of hanging. The weight going inches bags was just at 2 pounds or 1 pound per plant. It smokes extremely smooth, I think due to the low THC (6%) CBD (12%).. My wife likes it so I’m good with that. That’s it for this year. No indoor grows for me this winter. We’ll have massive power outages this winter as I’m told so lights out, rice and beans, toke a few bowels in the bunker while THEY decide weather to destroy our world completely. Goodbye and stay free!
    New indoors grower.
    super soil, Pmoss, perlite mix
    2-100w dimmable quantum led panels
    2’x3’ grow space lined with auto windshield reflectors.
    4” carbon filter + other exhaust fans + one 6” fan on the plants.
    Dyna Grow + nutrients


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      I wonder who started that fear mongering....

    That's the majority of my harvest, a tad over 2 1/4 pounds after having tasted a little, and having some tiny bits in other tiny jars. I am exclusively an outdoor grower, though not by choice. Sadly, I currently have no place to grow indoors, but boy howdy would I like to try it!

    You can see the top of one of the dark jars. It has an integrated hygrometer/thermometer. It came set to Celsius and I just never changed it. You can see it this got a hair too dry. The green nipple is a duck-bill valve. It allows nitrogen to expel any oxygen (vis-a-vis the outer rim of the valve, which lifts slightly) as it is introduced through the center hole. It's for long-term storage. Unfortunately, that's their largest jar, which is simply too expensive to be practical (at least for me) to use to any serious extent. The jar holds about 3/4 ounce loosely packed to the top. Works great, but again, it doesn't hold much. The system was originally designed for wine, then they expanded into food too. They make square plastic food containers with a duck-bill valve. They also do zip-lock bags. I believe the dark color bottles are specifically for weed. Unfortunately, the company can't get the materials to make the nitrogen cans. They also make a plastic top with the same valve for wide-mouth mason jars.

    I mark the plant's particular variety (and other data) on the lid rather than the side of the jars since they get stored in single layers in banana boxes.

    Couple of shots of the nitrogen can too, one with the name up front, the other with the nozzle in the insert position.

    That's Genki (roughly "good health" in Japanese) in the photo. He's an excellent guy! Center of attention at all times, don't 'cha know?! That's his tower of tunnels I've borrowed for staging. This one is about 4 months old. He goes through 3 or 4 a year. He just loves tunnels and shredding cardboard! Far better than the furniture.
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      I was a outdoor grower until i found this site and learned indoor growing using tents an lights. It's a fun hobby for me and i've become very contented with my grows an product. I've got lots of compliments on the harvested buds which i mainly give away. My outdoor i love dearly and will grow till i can't or die. I love the different strains an how different they are from indoor to outdoor.

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