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    I'm confused 😕

    Hey all , new here . Just got an AC INFINITY full grow tent kit ..its a 2x4 with everything included . Im running coco loco on the top 2/3 of the pot and the bottom 1/3 of the pot is natures living soil mixed equally with the coco loco as the hott layer ..I have both screen vents open on either end of the tent at the bottom . Im having a problem with heat and humidity ...mind you I live in Phoenix, AZ but the grow set up is in my house ..ambient temp in my house is 76-78 degrees..I just started so my plants are seedlings..the temp inside the tent is 82 degrees and I have the exhaust fan at full blast and it won't drop the temp ..trying to get it around 78 - 80 degrees but it won't budge RH is 37 % and I need to be around 60 to 70 percent ..and my VDP is 2.35 and I need to be around 1.25 . Only have my light at 20 percent power and have my clip fan on level 5 out of 10 . I even have a water dish near my vent to try and raise humidity. Can anyone help me Take control of this grow ? Thanks

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    You're welcome.
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      Your never gonna get inside of your tent below 80 degrees if your incoming air supply is already in the upper 70s. You'll need to drop the air temp in your house or whatever room your tent is in to around 70 degrees. Your light, exhaust fan and clip on fan each give off some heat, so at 76-78 degrees fresh air, think around another 10 degree increase or so. for example, my room is a comfortable 70 degrees right now, inside of tent is 79 degrees with a VERY LARGE exhaust fan and three clip-on fans plus light at 90 percent. And you'll need a humidifier to bring that RH up i think.
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        If tent in a room a window AC if you don't want to lower the whole house temp. I think AZ will require a humidifier to see you through a grow. There are other cheaper things to do but more of a hassle, if money matters.
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          Just FYI Puglover1 both BU2B did our entire grows this time in average 20% RH no problems! You've seen the grows!

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          TOKABIGONE, but he wanted to be at 60-70% in is post so I was making suggestions. What's your take on growing in low RH re potency, yield and trichs? Why is higher RH suggested? Pictures look great but you two only share with each other.

        Get an inkibird or other manufacture humidity controller and and one of those mister egg shaped ultrasonic humidifiers. Have a good supply of mineral free water on hand for it. You will use about a gallon a day.


          What about your air intake opening into the tent? Is it twice the size of your exhaust opening? It should be. That will help. I'm assuming you've done some checks to see that your fan is pointed in the right direction. Can you feel the exhaust coming out? Things like that. I was having basically the same issues that your having and I discovered my air scrubber prefilter was clogged. That's after I bought a humidifier and a dehumidifier I didn't need. So now I have two room dehumidifiers and several humidifiers. My lung room right now is set at 76 F. The lung room dehumidifier is set at 40%. Those settings help keep my tents in range along with a small floor fan, and a monkey fan or two in each tent. It took some tinkering with the constant change in the temps anf RH where I live. One other thing, how do you have your AC controller set up? What are the temp and RH alarm settings?
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            As previously mentioned, you’ll need to get the temp inside your grow room down then the tent temp will drop. It gets bones dry here in the winter with heat going, hanging damp towels inside your tent will get the humidity up. Switching over to AutoPots with the fabric pot instead of the plastic would solve your humidity problem altogether.


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