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    SOIL Autos

    Hello once again my fellow growers after a long time . This is my first autoflowering run with 7 plants 3 different strains from fast buds.
    5 gallon pots biobizz light mix
    Biobizz nutes
    Temps 22-26 Celsius
    Humidity 55-60 %
    These plants are in day 30from seed
    Around day 18 in vegetative stageAs u can see i have a plant that has curling tips for about a week now .. i think it might be overwatering because of 5 gallon pots holds More water .. still is my biggest plant in there with the most tops from others and i really want to bring her back .
    any help would be appreciated ... Have a good day ya all

    Ya I think over water is a good place to start. Don’t let them sit in any run off. If your not using pot risers with the fabric pots you may find that helps, I do.


    • KOSTIS
      KOSTIS commented
      Editing a comment
      Hey there , no am not using pot risers and i m gonna get some of them asap .. cause u are damn right , that's something i missed . Thanks for the reply dude
      Happy growing

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