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First SCROG am I doing allright?

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    HELP! First SCROG am I doing allright?

    Hi y'all.

    Im having a wee question here. So i've done my first SCROG on a tent and I don't know if I done it allright or not. Im attaching some photos here, maybe some of you could help me.
    The tent has 4 White Widow XL photos, they just been switched to 12/12 a week ago. Started SCROG and TOPPING a month ago, I have 16 heads on each and wanted to generate more with SCROG. I think its good but I don't know how will it develod further so if you could flick me some insights, would be amazing y'all.

    1.2*1.2*2m DarkRoom r4
    Hydroponic setup 15L plastic bucket
    AH Dutch nutes with AN bloomboosters
    White Widow XL from bushdoktor
    Germ: 2022.01.06

    I think it looks fantastic. Color, size, branching, canopy density all looks great! The density of your canopy may require you to add a second net about 6inches above to hold all the buds you're going to have.(picture not mine found on Google for example) I don't see much room for the pre bloom stretch but even so it's doable. Just make sure once you fill your canopy, strip all the leaves below and don't let any grow down there.
    I'm messing around with a mini version of a ScrOG grow and by comparison, looks like you're doing great so far! 👍 You'll be rewarded with some amazing stuff
    Peace. Love. Mushrooms and Weed.
    Current grows:

    🪴 Sweet Zombie (Blimburn) *autoflower
    🪴 Acapulco Gold (B/W Label NASC) *autoflower
    🪴 Bloody Runtz (Going2fast) *autoflower
    🪴 Hot Cakes (Going2fast)*autoflower
    🪴 Pound Town (Humboldt Seed Co)*autoflower
    🪴 Cherry Pie (B/W Label NASC)*autoflower

    🪱 Vermihut worm bin
    🫖 Black Tea Kombucha (Fermentaholics SCOBY)

    🍄Tidal wave 3x
    🍄Treasure Coast 2x(1 was contaminated)


      Thanks bro hope it will be allright. Do you guys use SCROG for autos as well? TIA


      • No3odiesShad0w
        No3odiesShad0w commented
        Editing a comment
        For autos? Nah. Too short of a veg period and you shouldn't do heavy pruning with autos either. Much harder to get a canopy going. I use regular feminized seeds

      Scrogs are applicable to autos and photos.
      I typically find that most of the strains I've run in the past(Ind/Sat hybrids) will end up at about 4' above the bucket when flipped to flower at about 13"-14".
      I'm currently running a strong Sativa line that has stretched to almost 5', even though it was flipped at 12", so keep that in mind when flipping to flower.
      I will usually aim for 6 main stalks and then use two layers of trellis to train out the tertiary branches that form from the mains.
      Ends up with a forest of colas.
      5x5 grow space
      900w of Vero's and F-strips
      4-17gal totes self-made UC system.


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