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Couple questions about carbon filters.

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    HELP! Couple questions about carbon filters.

    So, i just recently ordered my first Carbon Filter online for my grow tent, so first off does it need to be directly connected to the exhaust fan? Because my tent is relatively small and there isn’t much room in it so is it okay to put my exhaust fan on top of the tent and the filter inside the tent? Also do you need the cover thing that comes with it and if so then what for? And finally how do you usually test if your carbon filters is working or not. My grow room is not very smelly right now but i would still like to test it out if it does what its supposed to do.

    Lots to unpack in this question. Definitely review some filter set ups for a visual, but personally I always connect fan to filter for air flow efficiency. The white pre filter keeps debris from filling the holes in the carbon so yes use it and clean it every week or so. Not all filters are created equal so how well you filter works has to do with quality of filter, if you want a complete smell removal you have to pay for it.
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    • SumeaSaukko
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      So what kind of filter or exhaust fan would you recommend using in a very small tent?

    • Woodsman67
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      I have found Phresh brand filters to do great. I used 3 other brands before I found Phresh with really poor results. Small tent can mean alot. I have a 5x5x8 area I use for flower. I run a 6"×24" phresh filter. I have a 2x4x6 tent i use a 4"×12" filter. Not sure what size you have, but I would definitely use a slightly larger setup than recommended by manufacturer

    You can leave your filter and fan outside of the tent if space is an issue. Stack fan on-top of the filter and run the flexible ducting to a upper hole in the tent. And as Woodsman67 mentioned, when setting up a fan/filter combo, make sure the filter is capable of handling the air flow from the fan. So make sure the filter is rated for a higher CFM than your fan can generate.
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    • SumeaSaukko
      SumeaSaukko commented
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      So do they need to be next to each other? Because i would rather not if possible. Also how much CFM it should be on 2x2 tent i don’t know because i’m not from America.

    • homegrown
      homegrown commented
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      No they dont need to be connected, i just find it keeps noise and vibrations down. If your putting your fan on top of your tent its going to be noisy. What kind and size of fan and filter are you purchasing? A 4" fan and filter should work fine in a 2x2 tent. Bigger filter than fan!

    • SumeaSaukko
      SumeaSaukko commented
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      So, i went and bought a 10” filter for my tent is that considered too big for 2x2 tent? And does a bigger filter reduce the airflow? The fan i believe is 170 CFM

    Perhaps you may already know this and if so, please for give me. The size of your fan and filter combination should be based on the cubic feet of your space. Your fan will be rated at a certain CFM. When you add the filter it reduces the CFM. Adding bends in ducting also reduces CFMs. There's some formulas for this floating around the internet. There's also considerable debate about fan placement. Ultimately that's decided by your grow space. There's recommended and there's real life. You'll know if the filter works. If you want to test it for effectiveness I'm sure someone can help but I don't have any experience with that. Good luck.
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    • SumeaSaukko
      SumeaSaukko commented
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      So, what kind of filter and exhaust fan combination would you use for a 2x2 grow tent i just went for the cheapest options because its such a small tent and i didn’t realize that it matters.

    • golfnrl
      golfnrl commented
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      How tall is your grow space? LxWxH=CF right? You want to exchange the air about once every 2-3 minutes, minimum. Because cannabis likes/needs proper air flow and ventilation to grow the best quality. You'll be fine with a 4" fan/filter combo. But I'd also suggest that you look at a formula for calculating air flow just to make sure you're factoring in everything that you need to consider for the proper air movement. Which brand? That's dependent on a lot of factors and probably for each pharmer to decide. I've found price determines quality. Quality for me is noise and air flow. I had a cheap fan and the noise was obnoxious.

    The filter and fan do not need to be directly connected or neither in the tent. If possible, I’d suggest getting the filter inside the tent though and the fan outside. Use high quality duct and make it as short of a run with fewest bends possible connecting the two. As mentioned quality will come with a price. For a variety of reasons I like the AC infinity fans and filters. A 4” should be ok for that size tent.


      I have the AC Infinity 4" with the programable controller 67. It's great for my 3x3x5" tent. Barely need to run it It has 10 speeds but if you run it at the low speeds you can't hardly hear it. A filter would need to run faster. Bluetooth controller with a phone app.


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