I recently decided to try topping my roughly 4 month old cannabis plant that I miraculously got to grow out of a few seeds I had. However I think I may have incorrectly followed instructions I read online; specifically by cutting the plants stem without there being 'new growth nodes' (smaller offshoots) present around the next layer. Basically it looks like I've just cut the stem randomly, leaving an inch above the next set of branches/armpit that have no 'nodes' around.

How will this effect any new possible growth? I read that once cut, the stem will never attempt to regrow from the same spot; and by cutting it without any 'nodes' present, I think I screwed this up?
Am I misunderstanding how this plant will grow and how topping works? What should I expect / what should I do to fix this? Photo attached shows where I cut - about the 7th layer of branches/pistils. The smaller offsets are pistils and not 'nodes' I think.

Thanks for any help ~ let me know if you need more photographs/details
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