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Site Password Recovery Not Working

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    Site Password Recovery Not Working

    My browser cache all got cleared and suddenly I was unable to log in because I forgot my password (normally I’m just logged in automatically). I tried using the password recovery feature, but the link that is sent out is invalid. Anyone have any recommendations about how to get this info to the right person?

    Good to be back though, I missed reading all of your posts!

    NEVER save passwords on your PC or phone unless you want problems or are using very high quality security. Use a password manager instead like LastPass.
    I hope there is an afterlife...there are a lot of friends and family I'd like to see again, one day.


      Three cheers dilvish ! My cookies, temp internet files, and search history gets deleted when I turn off. I'm hardwired to the internet. No programs or pages are open if I'm not using them. Even close my email when not in use. I did a scrub, once, that pretty much made it look like I've never been on the internet with the machine. I get zero junk mail. Zero ads when I open my email or otherwise peruse the web.
      Computers and cell phones suck ass. We offer or require training for things like guns and driving and eating super-hot chili at some chili restaurant. Education about the internet is ONT. On the Net Training. You wait until something gets super-duper, internationally fucked up before realizing things were getting fucked up before everything got formally recognized as being fucked up. I could go on for days.
      But, yeah, Rik . I get the occasion where I can't click on the link to a post on one page, but can on another. I've also never been able to view whatever is supposed to come up on the left side of my message board.
      More limes!



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