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I've Got my first sprout and lots of new questions!

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    I've Got my first sprout and lots of new questions!

    So, as in the title, I now have my first sprout (Seedsman blueberry), which I put into soil on 2/6. The other pot was just planted today (2/10) and has a Seedsman white widow seed.

    On to the questions!

    - How long do you wait before giving up on a seed germinating? My planting discrepancy is because the first white widow seed I attempted to germinate (started with the blueberry) just hasn't done so and so I started another seed which has already been planted now.

    - When should I start adding nutes, and in what amounts? thus far, they've only had water and light on an 18/6 schedule, with the off period being from 9 pm to 3 am. The nutes I've purchased for vegetative growth are:

    - I'm aware this is early, but what training would you guys personally recommend for new growers? I've looked at the guides, and I'm interested in supercropping or topping/manifolding. With that being said, my preference is whatever will increase my yields the most with the least impact on time, as I'm trying to avoid have to buy much weed before I can harvest this.

    First of all, patience is a virtue, especially with first grow. What type of soil are you using? Seedlings need very little, if any, nutrients for the first couple of weeks with good soil. Then start with 1/2 of recommended doses and see how they react. I top mine after the fourth set of permanent leaves come out and start LST after new growth takes off. Flower period until harvest will test your patience! There is a lot of good knowledge on this site. Good luck and don't try to do too much, too soon.
    DIY grow space 2.5' X 3.5' X 6.5'
    315 LEC
    6" Vortex exhaust fan w/speed control
    6" Carbon filter
    3- 6" fans
    temp and humidity gauge
    5 gal smart pots w/ FFOF soil
    FF trio nutrients


    • GreenThumbedEnt
      GreenThumbedEnt commented
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      This is the soil I'm using:
      Based on it, do you think it's good for a couple of weeks?

      I'm aware I need to be patient, I'm honestly just really happy about the little sprout. ^_^ I've already sat in the closet and just kinda talked to it. (I like plants in general but haven't really started from seed ever)

    • PuravidaC
      PuravidaC commented
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      Welcome to the club. We talk, sing, meditate, play music and smoke with our plants! Not familiar with the soil you are using but maybe others can give feedback. One review mentioned flies so keep a close eye out for pests. It's good to do that anyway when talking to the girls! Read tutorials on this site and you won't go wrong. Good luck and feel free to ask a lot of guestions.

    Definitely take your time with your first grow and feel your girls out. The light cycle is fine and all i did as a new grower was a little defol and topping i felt confident i could do it with no prior experience and had no issues but that wont always be the case. Start with the safest route then take your own experience and make changes. I add Calmag to my feedings after the fourth day but that's what works for me. Keep a journal and write down everything and you will know exactly whenbto make adjustments for the next grow!

    Peace and positive vibes to ya!
    Perpetual setup!


    • GreenThumbedEnt
      GreenThumbedEnt commented
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      What's in your feedings prior to the 4th day? I've only had to add water today, as the soil had felt moist an inch down prior to that
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    • NA420
      NA420 commented
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      Just plain Ph'd water.

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