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Have I flushed too early?

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    COCO COIR Have I flushed too early?

    I'm a new grower on my 2nd grow, so still learning a lot. Got to end of flowering stage (7 weeks) and began flushing, after a week of flushing I checked trichomes and they are all mostly clear still. Should I have waited til all were milky then flushed, or will they turn milky during flush period?

    Tried looking it up but grow guides mostly just mention don't harvest until milky, but not sure if that includes flushing.


    Are your seeds auto or feminized?
    King of the Amazons
    HLG 360 Elite
    Vipar Spectra 350
    In coco 10/01
    Flowering 11/28
    5 gal fabric
    (2) GDP
    (2) G13
    (1) Zkittlez
    (1) 'Marigold'
    Mother Earth Coco and Perlite
    Dyna Gro Foliage
    Dyna Gro Bloom


      Welcome Custom45 (Colt or SW?) I never flush so maybe not your best answer but I think most who do wait until the trics are at least milky before flushing for a couple times the last week. More grow info will get you much better answers!
      Started 9/9/21: 2nd grow: Hawaii Sativa MAUI auto x 2 (had 1 no show)
      Finished Grow: Critical Mass photo - fem x 3 plus 1 clone same
      Medium: FF Coco Loco plus 30% Perlite in 5 gal cloth bags
      Space: 30x48x62 DIY cabinet lined w/space blankets
      Lighting: Bloomspect SS1000 Quantum board x 3 - 300 watts actual draw total
      Soil Supplements: Worm Castings, Guano, Crab Shell, Oyster Shell, Neem and Karanja Meal, Volcanic Basalt Dust (for minerals), Recharge root micros, My filtered tap water runs over 7.5 pH but the soil will do my pH correction
      Ventilation: Vipospar 4" Exhaust Fan w/RH controller, 12" Carbon Scrubber
      Reptile Humidifier/Fogger w/same RH controller, bottom intake fan, 6" heater
      Cabinet on screen porch. N AZ @ 4000 ft.
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        Just start feeding them again and keep checking the trichs until you’re happy with them.


          Flushing is reserved for plant issues. Dont flush your plants unless there is an issue, especially in coco. I do plain watering the last week but wait until i see amber trichs on buds to do so. Coco is basically hydro so deficiencies happen much faster than in soil. The plant bulks up the last couple weeks so prematurely cutting of nutes will stunt growth and effect your yields. Also take breeder times and add two weeks. They are professionals and tend to not do plant training and HST. I personally dont keep track of weeks anymore (i did when i first started) as i read the plant and harvest when she is done.


            I tend to flush every other watering just to ensure there is no build up of nutrients. Typically though I will do a final flush only on the last watering but that's when I know they will be harvested within a week.

            if they still look clear, I too agree another nutrient watering is in line but it depends...some pics would help. Some strains just take longer to grow
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              Thanks for the replies. When I say flush I think I mean plain watering. I stopped adding nutes, just using water PHd to around 6-6.2 with a little Canna boost added.

              It's a mother plant that was no longer needed for clones so I've flowered it. Use all Canna products, A+B, Cannazyme, pk, boost, rhizotonic. Had quite a few issues with lower leaves yellowing & dying off, suspect deficiency of some sort or nutrient lockout (think I may have been over feeding)

              Been away a few days so will check trichs when I get back tomorrow, if all still clear I'll resume feeding with nutes for a while longer. I'll try and get some close up pics to add.


                Hi again, a few pics of the plant...

                Id say trichs are mostly clear still, but some, maybe 20% are cloudy. Been a week since I stopped feeding nutrients and just using plain water with some boost in.

                Going to start feeding them again and see how it goes.

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