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O3 (Ozone) air filtration as a fix for PM and fungus abatement?

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    O3 (Ozone) air filtration as a fix for PM and fungus abatement?

    With a wet summer, in a wet basement I fought PM and fungus and finally pulled the plug on all operations to revamp. My local shop recommended I use an Ozone air treatment (A machine which generates O3) in addition to the bleach and peroxide I have been using to spray everything down.... Has anyone heard of or used this? Other options? I have already decided I am only going to try to used the space in the winter when humidity is not an issue.... Or will this always haunt this location for future grows?

    Thanks for all guys and gals!
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    going out on a limb here but O3 is supposed to kill anything organic so mold (or plants) which are organic in nature should be dead. However you must consider is the toxin organic enough to be changed by the O3? It is I believe a chemical so does it remain after the mold is dead?
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      Hey Yoopergarden . The mold is coming from your damp basement. Two seconds after you sanitize your tent, it will be contaminated because the spores are in the air. It's a good idea to kill what's there, but not the cure-all.
      I would suggest a positive pressure room with a HEPA filter on the supply to help get the mold out of the air before it gets to your plants. That and a dehumidifier might do better than a single sanitizing with O3 or bleach or whatever you use.
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        I use a UV/ozone light for tent sanitizing, but you can only use it on equipment not living plants. GB is right about the spores in the basement. If you are going to grow there I would suggest reducing the humidity of the overall environment.
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          a DIY grow room may be the problem. a proper tent and a decent dehumidifier and a decent fan may be all you need. Have you tested the level of humidity in the basement? The grow environment must be properly sealed in order to control humidity especially in a room that is consistently humid.
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