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    Help me save her

    I am quickly learning about LED'S. I have a spider farms sf 2000 that this is my first grow with. The light has been about 30 inches away and is dimmed down to 20%. She is about 2 weeks old. What can I do to save her? This grow is also in dirt (kind soil) this time around which is also new to me. I'm used to Coco coir and HPS lights. I have been raising the lights every time I see the leaves praying and I'm not sure if I need to just keep raising the lights or do something different.
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    Hey Chachie . I'm doing the opposite. Going from soil to coco.
    Your Kind Soil is not kind for seedlings and is burning yours. I learned the same thing with another brand. Happy taps on towel, get the popper, then death. I found spent soil to be a good way to start seedlings and get them ready for 'hot soil.' That means soil that has a bowl load of nutrients at the get-go. Way too much for a seedling. I use the spent soil the way I am now using coco, providing nutes with every watering. Actually, you could get your seedlings going in a Solo full of coco and transplant to Kind. When the plant has a healthy root ball it is more able to handle the nutes. The nutes in the hot soil will be hot for about 2 weeks, depending on your watering and brand.
    I'm going to say to give up on the one on the left. Get the one on the right out of the Kind and into a neutral soil or coco. Give it a pH'd flush and get back to light nutes. Solo cups are great for sprouting because you can pour a gallon of water through them, over a sink, and give them a right hearty flush.
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      And check manufacturers recs on height and intensity. Yours sounds way too high and way too dim.

    I have a SF1000 and I ran it at 28” from the seedlings and they did fine. This is the suggested heights:

    Germination:24"-30" Veg:18"-24" Flower:12"-18"

    Good luck!

    edit: the heights are for full power


      ok, just tested some durban poison and im not sure what im looking that 2 pics of one plant? The pic on the right looks like a little nute burn starting on the tips of leaves...the pic on the left looks like a whole lotta nute burn!. I dont think its the lights at all. I know nothing about kind soil, but i always start my seedlings in coco, ph water, no nutes till I transplant up to big pot. Gingerbeard suggested rescuing it and putting it in some coco if you have any left. Let her recover, and put the whole rootball(coco and all) into your kind soil. good luck
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        It is 2 different plants. I also have 2 auto's in there ás well that's are doing pretty good.
        I'm just thinking that the plants roots have not gotten to the hot soil yet. It's is really only the bottom 1/3 of the pot that has the soil. The rest off the soil is roots organic.
        This is why I was thinking it was a light problem.


          Not a light issue as that is only 200w actual at 20% would be 40 watts output at 30 inches is, if anything, too far away at any age. Welcome to the forum Chachie
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