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    flowering stage

    first timer 1 plant trying to flower have full spectrun lights led bulbs 38 watts equvalent to 65w x 3 12 on 12 off cycle in a rome no reflecting material 75 degres 2md week no signs of buds height right on them 1 or 2 inches above seeds said65 days to harvest this day 58 just leaves arounc 3 ft tall skinny miraclegrow flowering food can any one help

    Usually seed manufactures will tell you 65 days to harvest from the start of flowering, not from sprout. How long have you had them on 12/12? Flowering nutrients will not induce flowering and should only be used once flowers already developed. The rest of your post I can't figure out what you're saying. Try punctuation and a photo to help us understand what you would like to know.


      Hang on crucialbunny , im pretty high so i think i got this...! Notimes49, Lights are very important with growing weed, If your lights are 1-2 inches above your plants..their not very good. Temp is fine, no reflecting material means no light down below. Your nutrients...miracle grow flower food is 15/30/15 NPK. thats a terrible mix for weed in flower. Grow time and flower time stated by sellers is just a good guess, every grow is different..a perfect start,with perfect lighting and perfect feeding...maybe 65 days. homegrowers aren't perfect lol.
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