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    HELP! Is it Ready?

    Hi…thanks for this great group! I just joined and am learning so much. I planted seeds in the ground at the beginning of summer and they grew into this beautiful plant. 2 questions…is it ready to harvest? Is it possible to know what strain it is?
    Thanks again!
    LorriClick image for larger version

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    She looks close. Do you have a jewelers loupe to look at the trichomes? I see mostly cloudy. Congrats.


      Really? You think we are that good? That we could identify a strain by looking at one pic?

      Anyway in answer to your question, no they are not ready. They could use another couple of weeks. the fatter and more robust the "buds" are, the better the resulting "high".

      The key with cannabis growing as a newbie is patience!!!

      This looks like an outdoor grow? If yes, as long as the plants aren't subjected to temps below 10C for more than a couple of days, they should be allowed to continue growing.

      Note: there are some good articles on "curing" your cannabis when it is ready. If you follow those instructions, it will make the buds more potent...think aging a fine wine or whiskey!
      I hope there is an afterlife...there are a lot of friends and family I'd like to see again, one day.


        Weed is a gateway drug to people's hearts and minds.
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          Let me guess out of 5,498 or more strains I say White Mountain with a lot of trichomes. Nope give her a few weeks and check your trichomes.
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            LOL..Thanks for the humor. Here is a full photo + Click image for larger version

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