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    Is it time to harvest?

    Hello farmers! I have a Stracciatella plant outdoor on my patio. I am not sure whether it is time to harvest or not. Problem is that I can do it either today or in a week, therefore I don't know if it's wise to wait one more week.

    Attached you can find some pictures, starting front top to bottom leaves.


    I like to say ,that when you're absolutely positively sure they're ready ,wait two more weeks. Patience pays. Water only.


      Next week. Water only


        Give them a week, hell, the longer the better. Judging by those pictures they are not nearly ready and it looks like thee is either a PH issue or a nutrient issue.

        More information about your grow would go a long way in determining when to harvest. Temps. humidity, PH levels, light source, growing medium (Coir or soil) type of nutrients.

        Unless you like smoking a lot of leaves, it really doesn't look ready. Remember the leaves contain very little THC and many growers discard them or use them for tea (like me). The flowers (buds) are the most potent part and the fatter the better like exmples belowClick image for larger version

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