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??Application of neuts??

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    ??Application of neuts??

    Hey fellow growers g-morn all...alright the question i have is "does anyone know what the correct way to administer the micro,grow and bloom by advanced ne

    Check out the gwe site. They have a printable schedule and amounts with the proper sequence for the gh system.


      Like this.


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        Hey bud thanks for your response about the trio by General Hydroponics... only thing wrong with that is that's not what I'm using micro, grow I'm starting to wonder if I got the right stuff because it says for a hydroponic system and I'm growing in a soil
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      Is your question about feeding amounts or the order in adding nutes. If the later, typically you add the micro first (at least that is the way you do it for GH flora trio) then add the grow and bloom. Dont mix the nutes together before adding to water. I am assuming that your brand is Advanced Nutrients? I went to their website and found this in the FAQ section

      "Does It Matter Which Of The Three Components I Mix First?
      Very much indeed. Add pH Perfect Micro to the reservoir first and mix it well. Then add pH Perfect Grow, then add pH Perfect Bloom."

      If you are talking about feeding schedules check out this link

      Typically you can find the answer to these questions by visiting the manufacture website


        A 1000 apologies. That’s my bad. Thanks for the correction.


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