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Finally growing again

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  • Gingerbeard
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    Is that a type of leek or marigold? Magic Hawaiian. I like that. Sound's like a Polynesian witch doctor.

  • Bowhunterwoody
    What, no magic Hawaiian?

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  • Gingerbeard
    started a topic Finally growing again

    Finally growing again

    In the picture are six of the strains you see in my grow information. Plus two 'marigolds' that are a new strain in the 'marigold' industry. The others are either tomatoes or basil or a mystery seed a friend gave me. Said it might be leek. You see, growing more than six weed plants is unlegal in CA. And I sure as heck don't want to break any state or federal drug laws, by gumb!
    7 of 8 seeds cracked in water, then paper towel on or about Sep 27. Coco on Oct 1. Poked through the soil on Oct 2. Moving up to 1/2tsp of veg nutes and CalMag per gallon of 6.3ish pH'd water. The one that didn't crack was a Black Domina. The one that made it to coco is the runt. I tried growing Black Domino from MSNL. That was the grow that learned me that FFOF was too hot for seedlings. Maybe I'm not meant to grow this one.
    The coco and nutes are new to me after hemming and hawing about changing my setup. Who changed my mind was our magical, mystical, Mrs. Haze in a grow journal she posted in the 'New Pages and Updates' section on the homepage, in August.
    5 hours a day in sunlight. 21 under a Viparspectra 360 LED. As the days get shorter, and the sun is lower on the horizon, I'm getting more sun, every day. Not a lick in summer.

    LED Grow Journal: Mars Hydro TSL-2000W vs Spider Farmer SF-2000 | Grow Weed Easy

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