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    HELP! Newbie harvest

    Hello everyone. I am growing for the first time ever, and I am trying to determine if my plants are ready for harvest. I’m having difficulty seeing the colour of the trichomes, but they appear to be a cloudy white. I’ve attached several photos, however this is some info about my grow:

    I live in USDA Zone 5, about 45 degrees north. We have a humid continental type of climate. The seeds I purchased were Pink Lemonade, feminized. The summer in my area was hot and dry in June, daytime highs around 90, humidex up to 100 many days. July was rainy and highs between 80 and 90, temperature never going below 60 at night. Growing location has full sun for about 8 hours per day. I moved them to filtered sunlight on really hot days to give them a break. Growing medium is mixture of potting soil, garden soil and some native soil consisting of clay and topsoil. In July I started using Miracle grow for flowering plants, gave one small scoop per plant weekly. Watered plants as-needed when wilting, average every 2 days. Plants are in 4-6 gallon containers. Planted seeds indoors around May 1st, 3 of the 4 germinated. Transferred peat pucks outside on May 15th and protected with chicken wire. The plants grew quickly and the leaves turned a rich dark green colour. All of the plants began producing 9 leaf fans a few weeks in. At one point some leaves near the bottom of the plant began getting yellow and crispy, and they were removed at once. Around late July I began to prune the plants using different methods. Pruning never seemed to have much impact on the plants- they continued to grow strong and healthy looking. Beginning mid August, plants seemed to need water daily. Flowers started to appear mid-august and now seem very mature. I’ve stopped fertilizing the plants and have been flushing the containers over a couple of evenings. One of the three plants started getting reddish leaves, which I attributed to sunlight. So basically the buds are about 5 weeks old, and I am over 130 days since germination. Plants are currently 5 ½ feet tall. Daytime highs now closer to 70, nigh time lows around 55, weather has been mix of sun and rain. One plant is more mature than the others. I was going to harvest it this week, and go another week for the next most mature, and yet another week for the third, unless there is obvious over-ripening happening.

    I’m looking for thoughts from anyone as to ripeness… do my plans make sense to you guys?


    When is the Best Time to Harvest Marijuana Buds? | Grow Weed Easy
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      Gingerbeard hilarious - If I'd of used less words I'd have won Nice (On Order) list BTW

    The vast majority of all annuals, including cannabis have a flowering time of 8-9 weeks. I think that 5 weeks in flowering for a photo plant is a bit early. Looking closely at your plants the trichomes appear to be in the 90%+ cloudy range. If you have a magnifying or jewelers glass or even just your phone you can keep an eye on trichomes. Most people prefer all cloudy with 5-15% amber trichomes. This generally happens when your plants flowers are between 8-9 weeks old. You might want to have a look here -> When is the Best Time to Harvest Marijuana Buds? | Grow Weed Easy
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      Thanks BU2B, that’s what my gut was saying, but I didn’t want to leave them too long… in my area the first frost hits in mid to late October so I KNOW it’s gotta get harvested before then


      • Puglover1
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        Watch the 10-day forecast? IL here, we've had mid-October snow and snow for Halloween, then we've gone until Christmas without. I think they can survive one frost. You might get another 4 weeks in if you need it. My goal every year is to wear shorts until November 1st, sometimes I win, sometimes not. Good luck.

      Thanks PugLover1. Your weather sounds a lot like mine except we almost always have a permanent blanket of snow by December 1st. I’m just trying hard not to jump the gun right now. So hard to be patient!


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