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Help: Diagnose new plant markings

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    Help: Diagnose new plant markings

    Hi all, been a while since I last posted. Have had a few successful harvests since then, using alot of the advice I found here.

    I have this jack herar that is on day 19 of veg. I moved it from a solo cup into a 3 gallon pot on day 11. It is in some happy frog with dolomite lime and some perlite. When I replanted it into this pot on day 11, I watered it with some calmag and ph to 6.5. I forget exactly what the runoff was, but it was close to that range, within a .1 or .2 or so. Then 2 days ago, on day 17, she was ready for some water again, and again, I gave her some plain water with calmag, ph to around 6.5. I didn't measure the runoff that time. Today, all hell breaks loose and it has these spots showing up. Yesterday, the plant was completely perfect.

    Also, the last pic in a solo cup is a small veg on day 8 that was also watered a couple of days ago with the same water. So, did I somehow screw up my ph'ing, is this a PH issue? Or is this something completely different here?

    Best suggestions to fix? Its been only 2 days since I watered her, should I flush her now, or let her dry for a few more days and then flush her?

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    If they were my plants I'd pull back on the cal-mag. Too much calcium like any other nutrient is tough for young plants to process. I've read in forums that it's hard to over feed cal-mag but my experience has been that lock-out is often a consequence.


    • dustydundee
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      interesting thought. i was only giving about 3-4 ml/gal of CM, but if thats all I was giviing it, then there's a good chance that may be it. CM is one of those damn things, if I dont give it, its deficient. I've also read its hard to overdo it with CM. i guess a small flush is in order....

    • DeadlyFruit
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      Interesting, I’ve always been one of those people who felt it would be hard to overdo cal-mag. I’ll have to watch for it. My normal protocol is to feed cal-mag at about the same amount-frequency as the micro nutrient bottle from the GH Trio nutes. Maybe I’ve just never given them a high enough dose.

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