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Spots on leaves and tiny tiny black beetle?

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    HELP! Spots on leaves and tiny tiny black beetle?

    Spots on leaves all over plant. On front and backside. Notice tiny tiny shiny black beetles on back sides of leaves. Plant is a Blueberry, seed from Seedsman. Plant 9 ft tall, 7 feet wide. I’m in zone 5b.

    Sounds like flea beetles.


      Yep, definitely sounds like flea beetles. They were terrible this year in my vegetable garden...all over my Brussel sprouts. I used diatomaceous earth and
      removed all the straw I had down around them. Once I got rid of the straw that seemed to make the biggest difference....


        That would be great if spots are due to flea beetles and not disease. I have a smaller CPD plant right next to blueberry plant and it doesn’t have the leaf spots. I did see a lady bug on it though. I get flea beetles every year on my eggplant and other plants. These seem microscopic compared to those. I didn’t see them hop either. Maybe they are just young ones. Thanks for the feedback.


          I am thinking of trying ISO 50/50 with water to see if that will kill them, sprayed on the under side of the leaves. I really dont want to spray this time of the grow, but I also hate these bugs.
          I had the black ones before I move here, now I have white ones, damn tinny things. May note be the same bug, but they do the same thing, suck the juices from the leaves. This fall I plan to rack and burn everything I rack up within 50 feet of the patch and see if that helps next year.
          Blues and purples seem to attract bugs more than others.


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