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Guess who's back? Back again? Bubba's back. Tell a friend - Grow 16

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    I forgot to mention that my buddy ended up with 21.5 oz off his 8 plants, or 2.6 oz per plant on average. Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop

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      I'd be happy with that Doubledealing72 I'm smokin my Bubba Kush every night she's the bomb

    The Bubbas came down on day 91. Even on my 16th grow, I learned some valuable information. My plan was to take them down, and then I pushed it back a day. Then another day. Then another. By this time, they hadn't been watered in 5 days.

    I hope anyone that reads this learns from my mistakes....don't do this lol. I wish I would have watered them at least twice more before taking them down. They weren't as easy to work with, and I feel like it hurt my yield, but I could be wrong.

    This grow was by far not my best grow. I have a new job where I'm working longer hours, and it's harder to find the time stay on top of watering. I was watering every 2 days when I should have been watering every 36 hours optimally. There were a few times I went 3 days in between watering which didn't help either.

    All this being said, the Amnesia came in at 146g, or 5oz 6g. I'm pretty happy with this number given the circumstances.

    The bubbas are still drying, and based off what I have seen,, I'll get 2 oz at best off one, and maybe 4 off the other. We shall see though!!

    Have a great day yall!

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