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Need help with veg/bloom-strong- setting on my ligh. Plants are being burnt.

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    Need help with veg/bloom-strong- setting on my ligh. Plants are being burnt.

    Really concerned. I have contacted the company I purchased the light from. It’s 1000w with a bloom/veg and a “strong” light switches. I’m worried as my leaves appear to be getting burnt. At the stage then I’m at now see pics- I’m really unsure what to do?

    please help

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    Not an expert here, but seeing as the leaves on the bottom are more affected than those at the top I’d say it’s a nutrient issue as if it were sunburn the upper portion of the plant would be showing signs first. Best to post the full details on feeding, soil, ph etc
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      Do you think I should flush a few time-start over, and use a different potting soil? I can see the proverbial “mud” clotting a new causing the nutrients I’m feeding to not hit the root? Flushing is just so time consuming but if you think it’ll help I’m all for it

    I see really clumpy wet dirt. No aeration in the root zone. So looks overwater combined with no oxygen at root zone. Also in veg you don't need all the switches on. 50% power in veg should be good or raise the light. Also see what the company says for recommended hanging height.
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      Not sue what kind of soil your using but im willing to bet that's most of your issues. It looks super thick and no perlite in it.
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        Root issues also - your grow medium has not allowed your roots to fully fill out your pot. Just look how skinny your main stem is at the base nearest your soil.

        Before your plant develops one needs to properly grow the roots.

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          Agree, I dont think its a light issue period. Looking at the pic i still cant figure out what your grow medium is....but it doesnt look good at all. Way too compacted and impossible to water the complete root zone with those big cracks in it. Water will go straight out the bottom. All or most of the leaves on plant right side have burnt tips which leads to believe too much nitrogen at some point.
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            New to this but noticed holes in a couple leaves. Have you checked for insects also?


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