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adding hydrogen peroxide good idea or bad???

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    That seems like a lot did u mean pint? Per gal


    • bumper55
      bumper55 commented
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      Not sure about what you mean by that's seems like a lot, lot of what? I put 2-3 tbls. of peroxide in 5 gallons of my nute solution in a 10 gallon res. whenever I perform a nute change as a precaution. I'm not trying to add oxygen
      , the air pump and air stones provide plenty of oxygen.

    I have added a couple of tablespoons in my 10 gal. dwc every nute change as a precaution for nasties and I wipe down everything I use with it tent included during cleanups.


      Quart of peroxide per gal of water seemed like a lot that's what I meant lol


      • crovax667
        crovax667 commented
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        some might think quart per gallon alot but use that formula for when you are having issues with plant it will help alot for every time aplication use 1 cup per gallon ive done so with great results.
        if your air pump is good use less
        that is if you use a 3% pyroxide not the concentrate
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      Originally posted by tyler_ hobbyist View Post
      I was just hoping to add more oxygen to my water to grow faster I'm growing in 3parts promix 1part perlight in 5gal pails with tons of holes drilled in them. Should I just focus on the enviroment being better if so what kinda envirmonetal factors should I look at?
      I also use Promix and perlite and couldn't get a handle on the ph for that mixture until i read what Green75 wrote about using ph at 6.0 for a target range instead of 6.5 like i was told at the local shop. Since changing to 6.0 Things have been much improved! So if you are not trying to hit 6.0 then give it a shot, you will see results!
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        Thank you sonnyhad


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