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Timing my next grow. Opinions please.

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    Timing my next grow. Opinions please.

    I am on course to harvest my current grow by September 1st. I know that within a week I will suffer a very strong attack of ETS (Empty tent syndrome). I grow for a hobby and entertainment more than to obtain product. Of course the only way to demonstrate success in this hobby are by yield, effects and reduction of my own grow errors. I always have much more than I can consume and have developed a large group of faithful friends.

    I am trying to decide on the timing of my next grow. We are leaving for a week in early December. If I start a grow right after harvest, it will be in it's 13th week when we leave town. What are my choices? Wait until my return to start a new grow and suffer ETS for three months or start the seeds in a week or so using a fast growth bud and hope I can get a harvest prior to leaving town. I was planning on planting 2 each of Caramelo early version and Sugar Black Rose early version. Both are supposed to have a 45 day flowering period.

    PLEASE! I am soliciting as many opinions as possible from experienced indoor growers. What would you do? Start seeds now or wait until December.
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    It would be very tight. I think you could probably bring in the grow by then if you start on sept 1 (but better still if you can start the seeds right away) but the bigger concern would be trying to monitor the dry and cure for a week fairly soon after harvest when you aren’t home for a week. If you start the seeds right away it might give you that little bit of breathing room to stabilize he harvest in jars and burp them for a couple weeks at least.

    You might consider starting later, maybe in late September or early October, rather than earlier and harvest after your return in mid/late December. Give them a good drink before you leave and mix up some nute water in case you can convince a friend to water them once or twice while you are gone.

    edit: not sure if you have them but there are sensors that you can check online that will give you the humidity and temp in your grow room as well as graphing it over time. That would help with peace of mind while you are away. You could also get a nanny cam you can check online so you can keep an eye on your grow. Probably not of interest if you are a traditional grower but if you like toys (like I do!) it might be a good excuse to pick a few things up.
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    • GreenState
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      Don't forget, you have to dry it and attend to the jars for a week plus burping ect. Have to add that to your grow time as well.

    ETS is horrible. I'm in the the middle of it right now and it sucks!! If it was me I'd throw them beans in a pot asap and hope for the best.
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    • PLreef
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      Do you have any trusted friends that could potentially tent to your crop while your on vacation?

    One word: Autos.
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    • OldManGrower
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      Good idea if I had the seeds in hand. Unfortunately, all I have are photos.

    dang, I feel for ya. ETS is horrible! If it was me, I'd start the seeds and start the search for a 1 week caretaker in your "large group of faithful friends" Best of luck with the ETS
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      Yes I am down with ETS as well but my beans are in the mail so I have to practice patience. Aahhh the wait!
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        I don't have ETS but I have EGRS... Go with autos I'm doing it all the way this time. Me too my autos are in the mail. Now it's a waiting game.
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          If someone can't go in and tend to them during that week while you're gone I'd wait until December. Not sure if you don't want someone in your place while you're gone or don't trust them to know what to do? Even with remote monitoring and auto-watering you'd need someone to go in if there was an issue.
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            Boy i do feel your ETS right now. I've got very low reserve of homegrown and nothing to harvest in the near future until mid to late sept. crossing my fingers i won't have to spend much to suppliment until then. But if i were you i'd wait unless you have a very good friend who knows how you care for your plants.
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              Hey Everyone! Thanks for the input. After reviewing you suggestions, I believe I shall do the following:

              I will start my grow the last week of August. By the time I leave town, they should be in the last 2 weeks of flowering( If the seed purveyors description is correct). I will give them a real soaking prior to leaving and put in two 12 ounce watering bulbs per plant. I have done this before and the plants made it through fine. I can have a neighbor check in to see if any more watering is required before I return. By the time I leave, the plants will be sufficiently into flowering that I will be finished with defoliating and LST and there isn't much more I can do but wait. When I return, they should be close too or ready for harvest.

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              2 Tutankhamen , 2-Critical Poison All Photo's
              Soil in 3 gallon pots. Indoors,


                My yield is always so low that I've convinced myself that success is based on the tastiness of the bud. I have little hands and feet too.


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